The Abolishment of Fear

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

It takes a great deal of maturity, in awareness, to see that no one can ever do anything wrong. This is because what one does comes from what is thought and believed. All action is involuntary, as all behaviour is only an effect of thought and belief on the level of mind. 

The recognition of Perfect Peace is and can be defined as seeing that the stepping-stone decision to remain as the true Self or misidentify with a false sense of self on the mind level is the only level of cause. This is where all errors, being the misidentification with a false sense of self, must be corrected.

Behaviour and perception do not have any cause because it is only ever an effect of the mind level. It is a by-product, as what one does and perceives comes from what is thought and believed. This is why no one can do anything wrong, as all behaviour is involuntarily coming from what is thought and believed, and it is only at the level of thought that correction lies.

Opening to the realization that one’s core desire to believe the false ego thoughts is cause and that emotions and perceptions are an effect, abolishes the belief that you are at the mercy of the world. When upsets are experienced everything can be traced back to what thoughts and beliefs are being misidentified with that are the cause of the upset.

All forms of sickness stem from level confusion, which is the misperception that the cause is the effect and the effect is the cause. What I mean by this is the notion—that stems from a false sense of selfthat the cause of all my upsets is in the world and not in what thoughts are being misidentified with. This false ego-belief claims that I am always a victim at the effect of the world, which is the cause of lack of peace.

It places causation on the level of effect, where it witnesses the body creating its own symptoms, and in behaviours.

Only through the correction of level confusion comes healing, as healing is the effect of correction of the misidentification with a false sense of self, being the correction at the level of causethe mind level.

What is done, behaviourally, comes from what is thought and believed and no one is the ego. If most of the thoughts in mind are false ego thoughts arising from the false ego-belief in mind, then one can only act them out accordingly. If you are perceiving an error on the level of effect, such as someone’s behaviour, the correction lies in changing your own perception about what you are perceiving since this is the level of cause. In this shift of perception error is now overlooked, because you know that error can only be on and corrected at the level of mind—where the misidentification with the ego seems to occur. 

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. ~ Jesus

Through this correction there is no projection of error onto perception where blame, attack, and correction for what doesn’t need correction comes into play. In this absence of projection, Innocence is perceived instead. Love and Joy now replace fear because level confusion is corrected and Perfect Peace is accepted. Love sees only Love and extends only Love.

The perception of one’s brothers and sisters, in their Innocence as the true Self—which can’t do anything wrong or rightis now seen because you have not validated any misperceptions of them. They, being perfect Love just as you are, need no correction.

Only the mind can produce fear, and does so whenever it is conflicted in what it wills or desires. If the mind desires anything other than the singular desire for Self—which is really a desirelessness for any outcome of the world—this split desire seems to result in an overlooking of true Self. This is where the mind seems to misidentify with a false sense of self, termed the ego, the false belief in separation.

All fear is a lack of love and the remedy to fear lies in Perfect Love. Where one is the other cannot be. Therefore, all healing is the release from fear, the false sense of self, in seeing its falsity or illusory nature. 

Deep down we all know by the common expression, “Don’t give it a thought,” that if one does not think of something it will have no effect on oneself. If fear or ego thoughts are not validated and misidentified with, they have no effect on you. This is why correction at the level of mind is needed to correct fear, which only stems from the false ego-belief and its unloving thoughts, which ultimately does not exist.

Seen correctly, the illusory thoughts of fear cannot harm you because all forms of fear—lack of lovecannot harm you as the true Self is always untouched by any ego thought, emotion, or perception. In this realisation, it is dispelled as it is seen as illusory.

The true Self, being One, cannot attack as attack implies two or separation and all separation is experienced as fear: the absence of Love which is corrected by Love.

This is the basic law of cause and effect, and suggests the importance of not tolerating mind-wandering, for there are no idle thoughts. As a cause for joy, rejoicing in Innocence and resting in Peace knowing that there is nothing to fear. It is now impossible. 

Remember to laugh, Loved One. I love you!

❤ ❤ ❤

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