About | Dylan Love

Dive down the rabbit hole and move beyond inner turmoil by releasing the need to value and identify with limiting thoughts and beliefs with Dylan Love and the One Silent Mind community.

The insights and materials that Dylan offers are designed to go straight to the root of all suffering, which is always mentally based—valuing and identifying with limiting beliefs (ego) in mind.

Following an intuitive pull to travel to Mexico in 2014, Dylan began opening to the practical application of applied psychotherapy and nondual teachings with a foundation in Chapala, Jalisco. This allowed Dylan to dive into his self-healing of getting in touch with repressed emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that are often pushed down and become sub-conscious, later returning to New Zealand in 2015.

As Dylan saw the lack of value and falsity of fear-based and limiting thoughts and beliefs in mind, he was provided with experiences that allowed him to realise the limitlessness beyond a limited mentality—the conscious awareness of how life flowed in synchronistic ways that he could not even describe or plan for.

Taking a leap of trust on a strong intuitive nudge to leave his job in 2017, Dylan knew he was being called to demonstrate another way of living—an intuitive way from the joy and inspiration of a limitless mindset, rather than the fear and control of the conditioned mind or status quo—and founded One Silent Mind.

Through awareness and intuitive insight into the mental attachment to unloving thoughts and beliefs in mind, one can have the conscious ability to outgrow the need to identify with inner thunderstorms to rest as the infinite sky that is always untouched by any storm, often referred to as “the true Self.”

Providing insights into his own experience of getting in touch with repressed, limiting emotions, thoughts, and beliefs he guides one through vulnerability to raise to doubt the mental attachment with these limiting beliefs and thoughts, along with the effectual emotions and perceptions that result from them.

As the tools offered by Dylan and the One Silent Mind community become second nature, the consistent peace and happiness that is often sought in the world naturally shines through as your very Presence.

Having travelled to four countries offering pointers and experiences Dylan invites everyone to join him in an experience of purpose and fearlessness beyond an intellectual understanding of psychological studies and spiritual teachings.

Dylan now shares through online sessions, talks and retreats in a community-like environment, using day-to-day activities, movies, music, and his newest collaborative project, “Gamer’s Guide to Enlightenment” for mental health and inner peace.

Dylan reminds everyone that there is no need to struggle and seek what is already within you, as who you already truly are—the True Self beyond the conditioned mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs.