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Dylan Love - Zoom Group for Enlightenment - Inner Conflict to Lasting Peace

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Just as Rumi said, “Seek not for Love, merely find all of the barriers you have built against Love,” the same can be said for Peace, Happiness, and Fulfilment. The happiness, love, and peace that is often sought for in the world is already with you as your very Being.

Join Dylan and Companions worldwide in moving beyond the carrot-chasing of the world that only leaves you unfulfilled and unhappy. Let’s put it in reverse to seek and find what is prior to traditional thinking, the treasure that is already in your possession.

Perception is only a reflection of mind. Life beyond the ego is like an eternal Laugh. Life is soft and gentle, being fearless. Life gives freely, being Whole. Life loves unconditionally and takes care of Life, and You are Life. Behold this new and exuberant way of looking, cleansed of the past and future, and rest in and as the Present Moment and the contentment it is.

Zoom Group for Enlightenment

  • Join with Mighty Companions in Purpose
  • Opportunities to share your experience and questions on your heart
  • Dive into the practical application of Self-inquiry or Forgiveness for Peace
  • Transfer the training to reveal the ever-present Experience of Peace

The experience of consistent peace, awareness of the true Self, or the Kingdom within first entails practical application of looking upon the seeming darkness of unloving thoughts and false ego-belief in mind.

Raising the ego-belief and unloving thoughts to doubt allows one to realise that the level of mind, being the level of attachment or misidentification with the ego, is the level of cause for lack of peace rather than something on the level of perception―in the world.

When one seems to shrink one’s eternal, infinite Being to misidentify with unloving, egoic thoughts, emotions, and perceptions one then seems to take on responsibility for the ego. The false egoic thoughts, emotions, and perceptions now become “my” thoughts, emotions, and perceptions―rather than observed as the ego’s―in which I now have to get rid of, fix, solve, heal or overcome something.

As many teachers like Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle also point to, “To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” ⠀

As one begins to question the misidentification or attachment to the false sense of self and its unloving thoughts, emotions, and perceptions―calmly looking at them without judgement―one recognises its unreality and gives the ego no mind (overlooking it). Here, cause and effect are brought back to one’s Being, meaning that nothing in perception has the power to affect one’s peace of mind. Both the seeming problem and solution to one’s experience is always with you, as YOU!

While storm clouds may obscure the sun, it does not mean the sun is not there shining radiantly behind the clouds. Using this analogy, one’s only purpose now becomes to look at all the seeming obstacles in awareness to consistent peace and happiness that One truly Is this very moment.

Come beloved, and take my hand. You are never alone in the devotion to consistent peace of mind or Self-Realisation, as everyone always walk together! You are completely loved exactly as you are.