Joining in the Joy Beyond Fear

Written by Dylan Love

One day, I was walking out of the airport in Guatemala and there was a line of people outside the exit doors selling products and services. One man walked up to me and started talking about this religion. At the end of what he was telling me he said to me, “If you do not do what it says in this book you will go to hell!”

In a clueless state of mind I replied to him, “I have a question!” To which he replied, “What is it?”

“If you had the choice between sending your mother to hell or your father to hell, which would you send to hell and which one would you send to heaven?”

Well, he replied, “I actually wouldn’t choose to send either of them to hell because they’re mi familia. I love them both.”

“Ahh,” I said, “So if you cannot seem to make that decision why do you think an all loving and knowing Being would do it?”

We both ended up laughing, joining in the joy of how unconditional Love overlooks errors! Love sees Love and extends only Love, making it unconditional.

When the mind believes or misidentifies with the false ego-belief and its unloving thoughts in mind, you seem to experience the effects of these thoughts and seem to suffer and experience hell.

Yet, if you are willing to remember to laugh at these false, unloving thoughts of the false sense of self as they arise in mind, the only experience is consistent peace of mind. Mind-watching allows the mind to observe what arises in non-judgement, then, eventually, overlook the ego where a lasting Love of the true Self is left shining As It Is.

The true Self sees only Itself—Innocence and Love—in All, as All, making it unconditional. All that is required is a sincere raising to doubt of all the seeming thoughts and beliefs one seems to believe and misidentify with in mind.

When you experience any form of inner suffering, rather than looking to the world or perception for the cause, turn within to observe the underlying foundation of thoughts and beliefs. It is these false thoughts and ego-belief in mind that seems to lay the foundation for unloving emotions and fearful perceptions of the world.

Remember to laugh as Life is not as serious as what thought makes it out to be!

I love you always just as you are,

Dylan Aurelian Love

❤ ❤ ❤

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