Contemplation & Insight

The following contemplations were written notes or realisations by Dylan during his earlier experiences of awakening and realising the experience of Inner Peace.

To see a brick wall one must be behind it to see it. For the sky to notice a cloud it must also be behind it to be aware of it. This can also be applied to Awareness, in the sense that to notice the ego and its thoughts there has to be something behind it to notice it.

There is a Presence which is aware of thoughts arising, there is a Presence which is behind the thoughts of the ego, that is aware of the thinker and aware of all emotions and perceptions that seem to be experienced.

In this one moment of detachment from misidentification with the ego and its thoughts, emotions and perceptions one recognises Awareness, the Dreamer of the Dream. In the recognition of Awareness, one is aware that there can now be a change in purpose. A change from misidentifying with the ego, to true forgiveness, which means overlooking the ego for the purpose of recognising the true Self.

Awareness, or the Witness Self, is closer to you than the body (perception), emotion or thoughts of the ego. In bringing back awareness off of perception back to mind—mind-watching—the illusion of judgement is suspended. It is suspended because one is now observing the ego, rather than misidentifying with it.

In this suspension, the ego and all of its false effects—its emotions and perceptions—is seen as one false appearance. This can be restated as “seen as the same” because there is no judgement being placed onto anything to break the night time dream into separate fragments; as if one dream figure has a separate existence from the dream world. There is no misidentification to ego thoughts which pick what is essentially the same apart into fragments.

In unwinding the mind from the ego, the idea of self—an individual identity—is now ceased because 1) there is no separation and 2) the ego’s hypothetical thoughts of a past and future are non-existent with non-judgement.

This is the key because it sees appearances as appearances or illusion as illusion. In seeing illusion as illusion, the mind then can overlook what is not real. the true Self knows that the ego and its false effects has no power to affect, change or touch what is real. The clouds, or even the most brutal storm, cannot tarnish the limitless, formless nature of the sky.

What trace of fear can now enter one that sees only the real as real and has made Love its Home; the Self which never slept. 

What is it that is aware of changing thoughts, emotions and perceptions?

When one says I am [fill the blank], the ‘i’ that is saying “I am this idea/concept” is being observed by Something that cannot be observed. The observing ‘I’ cannot be looked at, since this is what all things appear within and as. Being the source of Awareness, it cannot be seen as something separate from something else, just like the light from a flashlight cannot turn around to look at itself.

In saying this, the person or thought that wants to turn around and look at this initial ‘I’ cannot, since the ‘I’ that is observing does not exist independent of something else in order to be perceived. Frustration and annoyance will only ensue as a result.

To recognise or be aware of the observing ‘I’, is to see the unreality of the misidentification with the observed ‘i’. It is here one can realise the false identification and be aware of Awareness as It Is—the fundamental state of I, or I am aware, which is the only seeming experience anyone can truly be certain of.

At first, what ‘I’ seems to appear to misidentify with is what It is aware of, being arising thoughts, emotions and perceptions which all come and go. There seems to be a forgetting of being aware itself, which is untouched by what It is aware of.

Recognising you are already in the experience where every single perceived need is taken care of, without personal effort, brings one to such glee. You are already in this experienced because You are this Experience. The only hindrance was the ego ‘i’ that thought it had to do something to be in this experience. The very nature of this ‘i’ is the block to this awareness of Abundance. It is indeed a strain and quite fearful to be something you are not.

No ‘i’ can ever become enlightened, as this Experience is not personal. The only beautiful thing required is a recognition and not a change at all. With this recognition, one witnesses that Life has no problems. 

Lay aside the paddles that were used to push upstream. Now is the moment to flow downstream and rest! You can rest in Joy. You can rest in Love. Place remaining concerns on the Lap of the Self, of Life, and experience how well taken care of you are!

Life will take you out of all work and bring you into play and happiness beyond the heights perceived in any dream. You are safe and fully supported in all moments. You are sustained by Life’s Love for you, for Life’s Love of Itself. You are not alone. Rest forever in this simplicity. You are loved unconditionally as Love Itself.

Simplicity is the key, Loved One. It all comes down to seeing the seeming misidentification with thought, emotion and perception was the only problem. Enlightenment is now and all doubt is self-doubt. There are no hindrances to this Experience except the mind.

“I am not provided for.” Can the true Self or Spirit be in a state of not being providing for? No, so this must be a doubt thought. Recognised as a false ego thought and seen as false, therefore, overlooked, here I still am as the true Self or Spirit.

“I cannot hear intuitive guidance or guidance from the Presence of Love within.” Who exactly is it that cannot hear? Can the true Self or Spirit not hear Itself? No, so this must be a doubt thought. Recognised as a false ego thought and seen as false, therefore, overlooked, here I still am as the true Self or Spirit.

Each moment is a decision, until it is an acceptance, of who you are. Are you the ego’s thoughts, emotions and perceptions or are you the true Self or Spirit beyond and aware of the ego, that is always unchanged by the ego?

Rejoice in this simplicity, for there is cause for freedom now. You cannot fail in this, as it takes no time to be Who You already Are!

The tendency of mind which suggests that one can do something wrong in one’s experience is a deeply rooted, false ego belief held in the mind. As this arises, it is okay to be gentle with yourself. The form in which the belief of wrongness appears is perfectly being used so that one can see the unquestioned misidentification with the ego and its unloving thoughts. This is the only purpose of the form. 

All things are exactly as it is, and all that arises is perfect because it is arising. Know that nothing could be different. The error in mind of believing the ego and its unloving thoughts that are saying something could be different in the past is the only problem. “You are wrong because you should have done [fill in the blank].” What in mind is saying this? The misidentification with the ego and its false, hypothetical thoughts is the only error to be corrected. Nothing of the form needs to change to be peaceful, happy, or complete.

This is a gentle call for mind-watching, seeing that you are the Awareness or Dreamer of the Dream that is aware of the ego and its unloving thoughts, but you are not the ego.

As a mind thinks, so it is.

Recognise the point, the present moment. It is a point because it is not linear. Just like watching a movie, in which it is scripted and couldn’t be any other way, open to seeing the perfection of everything right now as it is.

If it is perfect it could not be any other way, for perfection rests on overlooking errors and errors always rest on judgement—a split desire in mind that something should be different than it is. With judgement comes suffering.

Let your desire remain singular for the Self, for Present Peace. Overlooking all misidentification with the ego one is wholly fearless. Be with Me this moment, as there is one Self. Soar in Joy, rejoicing in original Innocence and resting in Peace. There is nothing to fear as fear is now impossible. All is well and you are safe.