unwind the mind from the ego with service, using inspired projects as a backdrop for mind-watching & collaborating in joy

When you think of projects in terms of the world, the purpose underneath is always to achieve a form goal that is always future based. In regards to Spiritual Awakening, whether it is washing the dishes, cleaning, or talking with family members, everything of the world can be used as a backdrop to watch what emotions or thoughts that are arising in awareness—mind-watching.

The goal now is taken off of the world—achieving or finishing something in form—to mind-watching for the purpose of forgiveness. One looks upon the false thoughts and beliefs of the ego, that seem to obscure the experience of Love and Joy. Only through looking upon and seeing the falsity of the ego is the experience revealed of the Stillness and Happiness of the true Self, of the Present Moment.

“When I was over in Mexico, at La Casa de Milagros, we would contribute to the projects that were going on there. At this time, not knowing what mind-watching was, the projects and collaborations seemed like hell because they were flushing up the ego. I was helping with the video editing, and I remember I was experiencing an upset because the ego was suggesting to me, “Look at the size of these videos, you’re going to run out of internet.”

The false effects of these thoughts always resulted in upset, and unknown to me at the time, this is what the projects were being used for—to flush the ego in mind for the purpose of seeing it as false and overlooking it. The upset, in regards to running out of internet, was there for me to eventually see the underlying false belief of lack that was in the mind, being projected out by the ego onto the world.

Looking at these false thoughts and belief of the ego in mind, where it is seen as false and overlooked, allows Divine Innocence and the unconditioned Love of the true Self to reveal itself as the only experience.” Dylan Love

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Opening to A Better Way” – Carol Zétola

“You are not a victim of this world. This was the sentence that hit me so deep I could barely imagine all the unfolding that would come after that. I was going through another cycle of wondering what I was doing here, what was my purpose here? I wanted to have a “calling,” a purpose, a sense of I was doing something good here in the world, and I felt so frustrated as I was feeling so sad not “finding” it.

I believed I could not have peace of mind if I was not doing anything in the external, if I was not productive as I “should be.” This helped me to question many beliefs. The awareness to watch the mind during each single event and perceive the situation with the Holy Spirit brought much of a cleansing and clarity.

The fact that nothing outside of us can bring us happiness is a life changing experience. To take responsibility for my mind changes it all. It goes all the way back to the initial sentence: you are not a victim of this world. It’s up to you to decide what you want. Do you want to perceive Love or fear?

Joining here with Dylan and friends reinforce the mind-training and the unwinding. I no longer wanna live under pressure or under goals from the ego purpose. The only purpose for me is to forgive, and using projects as a background for that work is wonderful. To have mighty companions with you along the way which can hold the space with no judgment and only love is a precious gift.

As I write this and watch my mind I can still see thoughts of judgment and criticism, and I thank this opportunity to be aware of them and choose again. Let’s hand them over to the Holy Spirit and forgive myself.

Let’s join forces in Love and serve the Spirit for the Whole, practicing mind-watching and forgiveness in every activity we are asked to do. Be only Love, choose only Love and, above all, the Peace of God.” Carol Zétola

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