Intuitive Art

Most art seen on our social media is made by Beloved, WildflowerDay.
If you resonate with her inspired creativity and art, please support her below!

“During 2018, it was a big shift in my life. A lot of what was planned in mind had to fall apart because the old version of me just simply fall away and those plan no longer resonate.

It was during this difficult time where I started to paint in my free time to help me through the change and inner transformation. So, I simply just paint and paint and paint. Painting has been enjoyable and uplifting for me.

There came a moment where I just felt inspired to share and sell my creation online. This was something that came out of the blue without a plan. The only problem I had to face was to step out of my comfort zone and to put myself and my creation out into the world. These creations can feel like a very personal expression to me.

Despite the discomfort, inspired action was taken and I choose to follow my heart and create “WildflowerDay”. It is a dream to live a life through creating and sharing from my heart with the world.

Thank you for being a part of my dream with your support and appreciation!

May you be inspired to follow your heart ♡

Love, Peiling”