Movies for Enlightenment

Usually, movies often serve the purpose of entertainment or a means of distraction from the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that are arising in awareness during the day.

When you re-purpose things you use in the world to serve the one purpose of Awakening to consistent peace and happiness, movies become a great way to share parables and visual illustrations to point to the realisation of the true Self or Peace.

Movies now become a great way to save time in regards to experiencing consistent peace and happiness. They can be used to notice any false, unloving thoughts and beliefs of the ego in mind, so that they can be seen as false without actually living out the experience.

Movie Series for enlightenment

Zoom Movie Talks With dylan love

Beauty and the Beast (2017)


As with Rumi’s quote, “seek not for love, but merely seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it,” the experience of Inner Peace is recognised through an undoing or seeing the falsity of the seeming blocks to the awareness of true Self.

Belle (French for Beauty, and symbolic of one’s true Self), grows up in a small town and is judged as the ‘odd’ one by the rest of her peers. She is led on a journey to know who she truly is, ultimately, the One to break the spell of the Beast (symbolic of the ego in mind, and all of its unloving thoughts and emotions).

Having the innate knowing that there must be more to the status quo life she is currently living, which is inherent in all of us, her journey is set in motion through the desire to find her father in a castle that has been forgotten through amnesia.

In this forgotten castle (symbolic of the amnesia of the true Self, where beastly/ego appearances are predominant) Belle must be willing to look at and face all of the beastly appearances and judgements of the ego that arise in awareness. Through going through the seeming darkness in awareness the false ego-self, and the misidentification to it, can be raised up to the Light of the true Self and be recognised as illusory.

In the misidentification with the false ego-self (fear/separation/lack of peace), rather than the true Self (Love/Wholeness/Peace), the unloving ego thoughts of judgement, upsetting emotions, and fearful perceptions are mistaken as one’s own, having taken false responsibility for them.

Before the true Self can be recognised one must discern between what is false and what is real, between the ego and the true Self. Through intuitive insight and guidance of the true Self, when one discerns the Real from the false the false is laid aside leaving what is Real and True shining as It Is this instant. Fear is an assumption, and when raised to the Light of Love vanishes into the nothingness out which it seemed to arise—being illusion.

With the help of her Mighty Companions, all thoughts of judgement are raised to the false sense of self (ego) on the level of mind, where it and the misidentification with it is raised to doubt and seen as false. It is here that Love is chosen wholeheartedly and the castle long forgotten—the true Self or Kingdom of Heaven within—is remembered by all. Here, the full awareness of Self is recognised, free of all ego judgements and false appearances that seemed to obscure it in awareness.

The Prince and all of the members of the castle are seen for who they truly are behind the beastly, false appearances they took on, and the awareness of unconditional Love for all as All is sourced from within, from the recognition of the true Self and the Oneness of Being.

“Love is not seen with our eyes but with our minds. That’s why paintings of Cupid, the god of love, always show him as blind.”
~ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Before I Fall (2017)


If you have ever wondered how to use your day, this is a great movie that provides a practical demonstration of using every moment to its fullest!

With the same themes from the movies Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day, and ARQ, the main character, Samantha, starts out living a very unfulfilled and conflicted life going through the repetitive motions of the status quo life.

Going through an event, which is really an opportunity for awakening, Samantha is provided with an opportunity which enables her to re-live the same day, day after day, in a never ending loop.

After initial disillusionments, confusion, and trying to escape the loop through suicide, Samantha sees the lack of results that come from trying to change anything in perception or things in the world for lasting happiness and fulfilment.

Gently allowing Samantha to open to a space where she recognises that one’s fulfilment, which comes from the recognition of the true Self that is Wholeness, cannot be found externally or experienced and resolved through death, Samantha then begins to question her the status quo motions of her life.

Through questioning the repetitive motions, and bringing all of her actions back to the one question, “what is this for?” the ego’s purpose is flushed up into awareness to be seen for what it is: a decision based on fear which is a denial of one’s true Self that is Love. Divine logic says that one gets apples from apple trees, therefore, if the ego is a compromise on happiness and fulfilment—one’s true Self—then unhappiness can only be the result.

The false sense of self called the ego, is the error in mind that loops all of its unloving, judgemental, and attack thoughts to try and bait the mind in keeping its investment in and attention on it, being the underlying source on the level of mind of all unfulfilment and suffering.

Seeing that her fear-based decisions bring her nothing of value, Samantha has a change of purpose for her day, knowing within the core of her being that there is a better way to use this loop.

All unhealed relationships are healed as she transforms every choice from fear to love, from ego to the true Self, in order to end the loop. By following her heart and intuitive guidance of the true Self, she uses every moment as an Expression of the Love within, where the time loop of suffering ends as the present moment is recognised, which is free of all concerns, worries, and fear that arose with the mind’s investment in the ego.

Through this change of purpose, shifting one’s attention from the level of perception to the level of mind, one raises to doubt the misidentification to false, unloving thoughts and ego-belief in mind. The true Self is revealed and is the source of one’s lasting fulfillment and happiness. 

When judgement is laid aside, when the ego is raised up in awareness and overlooked, one awakens to the Happy Dream of non-judgement. When all the blocks to Love have been removed, Love floods into awareness as one’s very Being. There is no need to seek for what You already Are!

“Trials are but lessons which you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before, you now can make a better one and thus escape all pain which what you chose before has brought to you.” ~ ACIM

I Feel Pretty (2018)


“I Feel Pretty” is a story that demonstrates that Enlightenment—the experience of Inner Peace and fulfilment—is a recognition and not a change in the world at all.

In the attachment or misidentification with the false ego-belief and and its unloving thoughts in mind, an unfulfilled life of anxiety and insecurities, comparison, and looking for fulfilment and happiness in the world seems to be one’s everyday experience.

Through acting upon the inner yearning and innate knowing that there has to be a better way of living, one turns one’s attention inwards to what is happening in the mind. Through this, the unloving thoughts and ego-belief that seems to obscure the recognition of consistent happiness and peace of mind are raised to doubt.

Through the main character’s desire to recognise who she truly is, shown by her wish to be beautiful, she is answered through an accident which enables a shift in her perception.

This shift provides clear contrast showing what it is like to see your Self as You truly Are, without the misidentification with the false ego-self or its thoughts of comparison and judgement. How would you experience every day and everything without any judgemental, unloving thoughts in awareness?

When the contents of the mind have been emptied, one’s true, loving Self is recognised and experienced as Beautiful, Complete, Loving and completely Lovable without opposite. All judgement is self-judgement and Beauty is in the single eye of the beholder.

As witnesses of doubt arise, she responds with a call for love with every encounter, overlooking any unloving attempts of communication to see the innate Innocence of all. Fluctuations seem to occur when the false ego-belief and its unloving thoughts are given reality in mind, until it is recognised that everything has always been within all along, as one’s Self.

Open to the carefree glee of Being, as one can change everything without changing anything at all. Enlightenment is a recognition and not a change at all.

Arrival (2016)


The “arrival” of the awareness of your true Self, unconditional Love, is initially experienced as alien and quite fearful.

While one seems to be misidentified with egoic thoughts, emotions, and perceptions rather than the true Self, all perceived fear is the projected fear of Who One really Is.

As both the true Self of unconditional Love as well as the ego/fear (false sense of self) cannot co-exist, the misidentification with the ego-self will make it appear as if the awareness of one’s true Self and its qualities of unconditional Love, consistent Happiness, and Peace is something foreign and to be afraid of.

Louise and Ian are both brought together to join as Mighty Companions to collaborate and open up to a higher form of communication and awareness of Self. Through the limitation of the ego and its unloving thoughts, which is based on past learning, time is misperceived as a linear line that goes from the past, to the perceived present, and then to the future.

As Louise begins opening to a higher form of communication, all fears and disorientations are released where true communication can then start to take place. All known ideas about linear time are uprooted as insights about “non-linear time” are presented and given.

As one opens to the recognition of Pure Awareness—the dreamer of the dream perspective, and ultimately Timelessness (the eternal Present Moment), linear time is seen as the denial of the Present Moment—a state of Being—as it is all based on a misidentification with the false ego-self, which is the denial of true Self or Presence.

These false ego thoughts, that are based on past learning, are always past and future focused. This creates the appearance of linear time and is a denial or fear of the Present Momentthe Stillness of Beingthat is here now. The Present is prior to time. It is a current state of Being that is prior the false belief in separation (time). This is illustrated by Jesus’ statement, “Before Abraham was, I Am.

Symbolic in the movie through the scene where there is a massive reaction to the statement, “There is no time,” the messages and teachings that point to the experience of Inner Peace, of an all-encompassing Love referred to as the true Self, will always be misperceived, distorted, and interfered through the lens of fear and limitation that is the seeming ego.

It will never understand the limitless nature of Love or Spirit beyond its seeming self. It will try and shut communication off, interfere, become defensive or attack, and isolate to avoid being seen for what it is: an unreal appearance that needs one’s faith in it to be sustained.

All healing is not linear, meaning something gained in the future. Enlightenment is not linear, meaning something to be gained in the future. All of these false ideas of future enlightenment, happiness, love, peace, or healing are all based on a false belief of linear time suggesting it will come in the future, where it is never found or experienced, as there is only now. Peace is a present experience.

In this experiential recognition, there is nothing to be attained, become, strive for, change, or prove. It is all here right now as One’s very Being, as Who One truly Is this Moment, as the Unchanged, Timeless Self beyond the ego’s false thoughts of future enlightenment and effectual emotions and perceptions.

Symbolised in the movie by Louise’s intuitive visions, as linear time gives way to non-linear time, One realises that the script is written. What has happened, is happening, and is yet to come is all past—it is all written. This is another way of stating that, in this experience One knows that there is nothing to control, save the direction of perceiving in mind, and opens to the realisation that: what is to happen will always happen and what is not to happen will never happen.

The realisation that the script in written is a stepping stone that allows One to springboard into non-judgement and Divine Rest. Intuition guides One in every moment—represented by Lousie’s non-linear visions—to the realisation that if what is to happen will always happen and what is not to happen will never happen, One can sink into the Divine Rest of Being, the Safety of the Present.

Louise and Ian’s collaboration is not just for them. Louise’s awareness of the given gift is used to save the entire human race. There is One Mind. As one awakens, all awaken. Mind Awake sees Mind Awake. It has always been about the Present Peace that is the Timeless, Stillness of Being!

“Old ideas about time are very difficult to change, because everything you believe is rooted in time, and depends on your not learning these new ideas about it. Yet that is precisely why you need new ideas about time.” ~ ACIM

Peaceful Warrior (2006)

Peaceful Warrior

No one who experiences perception was given an instruction book for this experience. Therefore, intially one seem to go through an endless search, at first, of looking to the world for lasting happiness, inner peace, love, and fulfilment. One is always reaching goals and objects of seeming happiness only to find one is still left unfulfilled.

Symbolic of Dan’s search of fulfilment and happiness through constant sex, adrenaline thrills, and a desire for status and approval through competition, when one seeks for happiness outside of oneself, the awareness of one’s ever-present true Self and the resulting consistent happiness that is felt WITHIN seems to be obscured in awareness. Anxiety, depression, lack, and unhappiness seem to become a common experience.

However, everyone has a deep, inner knowing that there must be a better way to live than the current motions of status quo life. As this intuitive knowing sits in the background of one’s being, slowing coming to the forefront, one’s perceptions of the world begin to reflect this through signs and symbols that start to show up.

As an event occurs which shakes up Dan’s misidentification with a false sense of self and it’s worldly values, a Mighty Companion shows up in his awareness as a gentle symbol of awakening. Through the help of his Mighty Companion, Socrates, a collaboration occurs to help Dan unwind from the misidentification with a false sense of self. 

With trust, intuition, and willingness to raise to doubt everything he knows about everything he has previously learnt, he has to come to a period of sorting out what is useful and what is not. This is symbolic bringing one’s attention from the world back, back, back to one’s mind. It is only on the level of the mind that one can open to begin sorting the ego from the true Self.

“Throw out everything you don’t need in your mind that is keeping you from this moment,” Socrates says to Dan. This is symbolic of raising to doubt all the unloving thoughts and ego-belief that one is misidentified with in mind, that seems to obscure one’s awareness of Self and Peace.

As one sorts the false from the true, what is false is disregarded leaving what is true. When Dan learns to take out the trash he sinks into the Presence of Being, the present moment, or the Stillness of Self. As true humility dawns, accepting one’s worth of Being, everything becomes an act of meditation. All self concept desires, status, and control must be rinsed from the mind to experience a consistent happiness beyond worldly circumstances.

The Peace of the true Self is reflected when Socrates shares, “this moment is the only thing that matters!” This moment, which is a state of Being and not perceptual, without the thought of a past or future is where everything has been leading to.

All that is required of one is that one is willing show up. Everything that seems to be needed will be given in each moment, moment-to-moment: what to do, where to go, what to say, and who to say it to. Intuition leads the way, knowing no one can mess anything up.

In non-judgement, all things are seen as working together for good. Gratitude is given to everyone and everything for providing an opportunity to mirror back to one what is needed to raise up and unwind from in mind. The world of perception can only ever mirror back one’s state of mind.

“I call myself a ‘Peaceful Warrior,’ because all the battles we fight are on the inside,” says Socrates. Both the seeming problem and solution to one’s experience has always been within! What a cause for joy!

Knowing (2009)


“Knowing” is a great visual illustration for showing the lack of control one has over the world or anything in perception.

When one is misidentified with a false sense of self, it seems as if one has real control over events of the world or objects in perception. Initially, events in perception appear random and chaotic. As one is misidentified with the ego in mind and its unloving thoughts, resulting upsetting emotions and fearful perceptions of the world are experienced from this desire to misidentify with a false sense of self.

As one seems to start to awaken, allowing insights and intuitive guidance of the true Self to blossom in awareness, one opens to seeing the falsity of the ego-belief and its unloving thoughts that are buried in the subconscious. Here, one comes to the recognition that one has never had control over anything of the world. 

To the ego this seems very scary indeed, as its very existence is rooted in control and fear. Symbolised by the main female character’s car crash, listening to the ego always leads to death. This death is symbolic of any feeling that is not of the true Self: the consistent Peace, Happiness, or unconditional Love sourced by the awareness of Self. Listening to the ego is a denial of one’s true Self of peace, happiness, and love and feels like death indeed. If one compromises on happiness unhappiness can be the only result, being Divine Logic.

We are being called to come back to the level of true cause, meaning the level of mind, which is the level of the misidentification with a false sense of self. In bringing one’s attention inward, to true cause, one can begin to see that one, as a stepping-stone, has a choice to remain as Who One Is as Presence or true Self, or to seemingly overlook one’s true Self to misidentify with a false sense of self.

Seeing choice where it truly lies, on the level of mind, one can discern what is valuable (the Self) and what is not valuable (the ego). The effects of one or the other make this choice very obvious, as who enjoys the false effects of the ego—lack of peace. As one accepts one’s true Self as the only thing that is real and of value, this misidentification with a seeming false sense of self fades in awareness, and the qualities of one’s Being as consistent Peace, Happiness, and unconditional Love are left shining as It Is.

Using the analogy of a movie. The movie that one seems to watch has already been acted out in a controlled environment, filmed, edited, and put on film. Light behind the film, from the projector, then projects the image onto a screen. When one views these images, the illusion of the images being present and happening now is presented to the audience, even though the images are all past and have been put, in its entirety, on film. One then tends to forget they are watching a movie and starts yelling at the characters on a screen, “don’t go into that room!”

Similarly, what one seems to see in perception is all past. What is to happen will always happen just as what is not to happen will never happen. As the ego’s focus and split desires for form outcomes are handed over to the true Self to dissolve in the single desire for Peace, unloving ego thoughts of the past and future, such as, “I should have said this when that happened; if only this happened I would have been happier; oh my gosh, how will this situation work out next week?” dissolve from awareness.

As perception is an effect of emotion and emotion is an effect of thought, when unloving thoughts and the false ego-belief dissolve from awareness, so, too, do effectual upsetting emotions and fearful perceptions follow suit. Rest now comes to a once busy and frantic mind.

The non-judgemental true Self sees no errors, having overlooked the false sense of self (the only seeming error in mind), therefore, perceiving only perfection. All control, upset, or lack of peace were only a perceptual error stemming from a misidentification with a false sense of self—a denial of What Is.

Resistance to What Is and trying to control or prevent what cannot be controlled was really only the fear of the end result, the fear of awakening to the Presence of Love and Oneness of Being that is one’s true Self.

Nothing has ever gone wrong. A sweet rest is experienced, as there is no need to prevent anything in the world any longer, no need to try and change anything in perception to become peaceful or happy, and no need to save, convince, or enlighten anyone else. There is only One Mind. As One awakens, all awaken. The ego is the only one that doesn’t get it, and the ego is unreal.

Demonstrated by John’s (Nicolas Cage) daughter, it shall be the children who lead the way. Symbolic of being innocent of fear—conditioning of the world—and lead by the Spirit within (symbolised in the movie by the telepathic “whisperer people,” who are perceived as suspicious and threatening by the seeming ego), it is this Presence that shall lead the way to where you have always been.

True communication is of mind and not of bodies, as words and verbal communication are crude and act as only symbols for a Living Experience beyond all words.

As the world (ego) is transcended, “the Peace that passeth human understanding,” as stated by Jesus reigns in awareness and is Known as One’s very Being that is available this very moment.

The Truman Show (1998)


Born into a world that was set up as a stage and worldwide TV show, we follow the life of Truman.

As anomalies and strange things start to happen during Truman’s daily experiences, such as a studio light falling from the sky next to Truman, Truman starts to get feelings and glimpses that his world might not be what it seems to be made out to be.

We all have an intuitive feeling deep down that things are a bit off, and that there has to be a better way to live than the status quo life. Once this feeling creeps in for Truman, experiences start to come in on the set of The Truman Show to support the mind in its expansion.

When his supposed dead father and long, lost love start candidly showing up off script, it starts calling Truman off the script of the status quo and begins to open him up to the fact that his world is not real. With this realisation being a threat to Christof, symbolic of the ego, Christoff conspires to do everything in his seeming power to keep Truman on script and on the stage; keeping Truman unaware of what is going on behind the curtain, just like in The Wizard of Oz.

The seeming ego will always try to explain away what is showing up to support one’s awakening, just as Christoff does with Truman during the falling light scene. “In breaking news, a satellite has crashed,” which is Christoff giving direction to the News team to explain away the light falling from the roof, hoping Truman won’t think twice about it.

Also illustrated in the movie when Truman intercepts radio transmissions of cues being given through his car radio, is when it’s seen that everything is just being scripted out. This symbolises that everyone and everything in the world of perception are always only acting out thoughts and beliefs. Nothing is separate in-and-of itself, meaning nothing in autonomous! Therefore, everything that is arising can be seen from the true Self as perfect. It couldn’t be anything else.

Each word spoken is perfect and right on cue, each behaviour is perfect and right on cue. What you perceive in the world will but only reflect your state of mind. If one perceives a fearful world, but false cause of fear is in the mind rather than in the world.

Through this realisation, there is no more need to continue to react and buy into the appearances and routines that were once bought into and cherished.

As Truman faces all of his fears, including his fear of water caused by the seeming “death” of his actor father, he finally finds the way out. Only by raising to doubt all the unloving thoughts and ego-belief arising in awareness, and seeing the falsity of the misidentification with it is when one finally recognises the Self.

In looking upon what is false, the ego and everything that is an effect of it, with non-judgement, recognising its falsity and overlooking it, one takes one’s final bow off of the stage. Not through the death of the body, but in the gentle Joy that comes from the acceptance of the true Self as It Is, and as the only thing that is real.

Gratitude is the only experience now as everyone is seen as innocent. All were always playing their part perfectly. Everything and everyone is helpful towards the experience of awakening. It was only needed and maintained while it was believed in by the main character.

“If he truly wanted and desired to, Truman could leave at any time. We accept the reality in which is presented, but we are not forcing him to be here.”
~ CHristof, Truman show

The Shack (2017)


The Shack is a beautiful mind-watcher demonstrating themes of forgiveness, meaning to see the unreality of unloving thoughts and the ego-belief in mind so the ego may be overlooked for the true Self—unconditional Love.

There is no need to live a life burdened by pain and suffering. This movie takes the watcher on a journey of a man named, Mack, who is living out a life of pain and suffering.

In a world that appears to put emphasis on suppression of emotions and thoughts, one has to become willing to get in touch with what is arising in awareness. The experience of consistent peace, awareness of Self, or the Kingdom within first entails a going through the seeming darkness in mind to the Love underneath that is the true Self.

Starting off on the seeming journey, all upsets, annoyances, anger, and lack of peace is attributed to things of perception. As if something of the world is the cause of the lack of peace or happiness and is to blame or strive for. As one gets in touch with what is arising for one in mind, with the willingness to get vulnerable for the purpose of seeing everything in another way, insights and intuitive guidance of the Self starts to gently guide one moment-to-moment.

Through this desire to awaken, these insights reveal to one that perception is only an effect emotion just as emotion is an effect of thoughts and beliefs in mind. Through bringing these upsets off of perception back to the level of mind, being the true level of cause as it is the level of misidentification with a false sense of self, these false ego thoughts and beliefs held about the world can be raised to doubt.

This is beautifully symbolised in the movie, where Mack is brought to the awareness that all of his suffering is being caused by his own misidentification to judgemental thoughts and the ego-belief that is holding him to the past. 

Through the help of Mighty Companions, intuition and insight, Mack’s moment of release is given when he comes into the experience of seeing the falsity of the misidentification to the ego and its unloving thoughts; recognising the impossibility of judgement. What is there to judge in Oneness, where can fear abide in the Presence of unconditional Love? Oneness and unconditional Love both entail the absence of judgement.

When the impossibility of the false sense of self is recognised is when one recognises the true nature of Self as It Is, available this very moment. All forms of pain and suffering only seemed to arise from a misidentification with a false sense of self, believing these egoic, unloving thoughts, emotions and perceptions were yours.

Through Mack’s singular desire for Love and Peace, the misidentification with the ego’s judgements and personal preferences of what is good and bad, which were made up from an imagined, mental image of how the false, ego-self judged and wanted things to be, are lovingly dissolved in the Light of perfection of What Is, in the non-judgement of Being.

Here, all pain is released and all things are set free. A forgiven mind perceives a forgiven world. The world can only ever reflect one’s state of mind. Without judgement, all things are equally acceptable and work for good. Love judges not, as Love overlooks errors allowing Love to look upon Itself, making it unconditional. You are Love and Love recognises and extends only Love. Be of good cheer, for You (true Self) has overcome the world (ego).

IT (2017)

“That’s why you couldn’t do anything to Beverly, because she wasn’t afraid and we aren’t either. Now you’re the one that is afraid because you’re going to starve.”
~ The Lover’s club to pennywise


This movie is a fantastic mind-watcher which gives the viewer a raw opportunity to go deep within to look at and face any fear that is being misidentified with in awareness, for the purpose of seeing it’s illusory nature and opening to consistent peace of mind.

A group of friends (The Losers Club, later renamed to The Lovers) must join together to collaborate in facing their fears and guilt which are being projected from the mind onto their experiences.

Resembling themes from Star Trek’s, “The Thaw,” Pennywise the clown (symbolic of the illusory ego) enters their experience. Pennywise symbolically shape-shifts to meet and feed off their fears, also influencing the minds of those residing within the town in attempts to lead them all to death.

As the Lovers collaborate and have willingness to look and expose the evil (fear or ego) in mind, is when the unreality of the ego and its false effects of fear is realised. Fearlessness and consistent peace is experienced when the light of inquiry has come and fear is seen as causeless, thus, dissolves. This is symbolically shown when The Lovers look upon Pennywise in fearlessness, where It dissipates into the nothingness in which it came from.

The purpose of the ego, on the mind level, is attack. Being defined as the false, separate self attack rests on the basis of duality, or two as there is nothing to attack in Oneness. Therefore, when the mind is misidentified with the ego, the darkened glass of the ego views perception as fragmented or separate.

The intense fear the ego feels when watching “horror” movies can be traced back to the core fear of being attacked and needing to defend a false self-concept. The mind that is misidentified with the ego views its identity as a separate self—the body, rather than Presence. Because what is separate is open to the illusion of attack, the ego, in mind, offers a false solution to its false idea of attack prompting the mind with, “defend this self-concept.”

The ego seems to prompt the mind with hypothetical ideas and images of being attacked, and uses these imagined scenarios to justify its mental terrorism in order to get one to side with its purpose of attack and defense. The idea of attack and being attacked are one and the same. What is done comes from what is thought and believed. This is why Jesus placed so much emphasis on the mind level, saying things like, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:27-28.

Raising the perception of attack and defense back to the false ego-belief on the mind level, one has the opportunity to question it with guidance of the true Self, and observe its unreality. As the mind opens to the correction of the false idea of attack, the purpose of the Self is realised. Just as the ego’s purpose is attack. The purpose of the true Self is forgiveness, as a stepping-stone to Oneness.

When the mind is open to mind-watching, observing the ego in non-judgement it can be overlooked. The purpose then becomes observing everything as Love or a call for Love, rather than attack and defense. If everything is either Love or a call for Love, Innocence behind false worldly appearances is recognised, and Love becomes the only response.

Reinterpreting the movie’s phrase, “you’ll float too,” can be re-seen as a wonderful invitation to float high in the rediscovery of one’s true, fearless Being. The true Self is the only constant, unchanging Presence amongst all temporal, unloving thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of the ego, all being false appearances within the true Self.

All objects of fear perceived in the world can be dissolved in raising to doubt the false ego thoughts and false ego-belief being misidentified with in mind. There is no fear in perfect Love, as there can be nothing to attack, judge, or compare between in what is One. Attack and defense, comparison, and even judgment are, therefore, not only false but impossible. Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, herein lies the ever-present, unbreakable Peace that is one’s true Self.

Let Them All Talk (2020)


When one is willing to let go of old grievances and the pressure to be perfect and receive approval, release and freedom come knocking. 

In this movie, we can see that what one prays or wishes for will be perceived and experienced. If one prays for revenge and for something of the world to be happy, then one will meet the conditions of this egoic prayer. One will keep searching and trying to accomplish the external means that have been judged to be the answer to their believed and perceived problems in order to be happy.

If one prays to feel connected, to be authentic, to share in the joy and love of life and follow one’s heart, the day will feel like a beautiful flow no matter what seems to be playing out in form, and the means will be given to follow one’s inspiration and feel that connection. And when one truly prays for forgiveness and release, then that is what will be experienced.

Like a writer that decides to toss out his/her manuscript before publishing after realising it doesn’t serve a greater purpose, so one can toss out egoic thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, worldly needs and concerns for the sole purpose of awakening to one’s True Self that is beyond worldly conditions, beliefs and upsets, and choose peace in every moment.

MAUDIE (2016)

When one starts to allow limiting and unloving emotions, perceptions, and beliefs up into awareness to be questioned, forgiven and released, even the toughest nut can be cracked open. One can then start to recognize the true loving Self behind all these emotions, perceptions, and beliefs and be like a beautiful, large tree—ever in complete harmony with its surroundings.

The movie “Maudie,” starring Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins, is a perfect example of the deep healing in mind through relationships in which the resistance to the awareness of love’s presence can be raised up and released. Healing through relationships is what the teachings of “A Course and Miracles” point to as the fastest way to unwind the mind from whom one believes oneself and the world to be—something other than pure Love and Light. This movie shows us one’s journey when there is a deep prayer for the heart to open up and to let love in.

The story starts off with a seeming “misfortunate” event where Maudie’s brother tells her he has sold their house. As Maudie’s physical disablement seems to be progressing, her brother feels Maudie isn’t capable of taking care of herself any longer and doesn’t want to take on the care taking himself. Instead, he decides for her to go live with her aunt, who only agreed to take care of her for a fee. As the story starts to unravel, it becomes clear that this seeming “misfortunate” event was Maudie’s greatest gift. Once again, we are being shown that no event happens without a reason, and that everything is part of the Divine orchestration. Maudie reaches a point of great determination, convinced she can live on her own and take on a job. When she gets hired by the fisherman, Lewis, as his permanent housemaid, she doesn’t think twice and packs her bags. 

Lewis lives in a tiny, little house with only two rooms; a bedroom and a kitchen/living room. Maudie has to sleep in the same bed with a man she barely knows, and eventhough she barely has room for herself in this little house, she doesn’t let it scare her away. Maudie is a vigilant beam of sunlight, willing to face anything as long as she can keep doing what she loves most; painting. 

Her paintings are very playful and full of color and life. With every painting Sally creates, even the closed-off, bitterly aggressive Lewis starts softening up. The house slowly fills up with paintings, both inside and out, which is a beautiful symbol of the color and light that has entered into their hearts since Maudie and Lewis met each other.

Sally’s appearance into Lewis’s life brings about a big unwinding for him. He has never seen this kind of passion for life before and is now getting a taste of it himself, probably for the first time in his life. It takes him a while to loosen up, but she becomes his rock, and he learns to give and love someone with all his heart. After a while, instead of Maudie being Lewis’s housemaid, Lewis gets into full service, supporting Maudie in her passion and her painting career. 

She entered into his life with the brightness of the sun at dawn, beaming away the darkness of nighttime. And like the time it takes for one’s eyes to adjust to the new light of day after waking from deep sleep, one can see clearly again. 

Lewis opened up to life like the most beautiful flower and took care of Maudie for the rest of her life. Maudie truly learned to listen to her heart and to follow only that still little voice within, despite any aggression and disapproval coming her way intially. She started seeing it was all simply reflecting her own doubt-thoughts about herself and once she stopped paying attention to it, it simply disappeared.

Maudie came to know her perfection and her complete worthiness of living a full and happy life, no matter her appearance and life condition.


This Netflix documentary movie takes us into the life of a diver while spending one whole year following that, which makes him feel truly alive in the moment. His journey underwater transformed his state of mind so completely and gently guided him back to his heart—the greatest gift one can ever receive. 

Craig Foster was a very passionate filmmaker, nonetheless, the pressure and control in his mind from trying to live and work in this world left him feeling worn out and alone. After finishing up his last movie, he felt done with this way of living revolving around competition, approval-seeking, obligation, and responsibility. Instead, he started asking himself, “Can I life be without pressure?” In dropping all the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s and all the actions that were making him feel depressed and disconnected from himself and his family, a memory of total freedom came back to his awareness.

As a kid he used to always be in and around the ocean. This brought him back to an underwater kelp forest near his home at a remote location in False Bay near Cape Town, South Africa, where he started to free-dive. In no time, he was completely immersed in a whole new world.

Everything about it felt inspiring to him; from adapting to the cold water, to letting go of the fear of any possible danger, to discovering and studying every detail of the underwater life, 

and specifically, an octopus, hence the title, “My Octopus Teacher”…

The first time Craig met her, he was left intrigued and wanted to know more about her. This was the start of a beautiful relationship assignment. In A Course in Miracles, it is called a “holy relationship”; a relationship with the sole purpose of exposing and healing the darkness in the unconscious mind. The Holy Spirit can reach the mind through attraction, and when one feels inspired, the heart is open to receive and extend love. So Craig’s fascination for the octopus was used to draw him back into the ocean every single day. His mind got so honed in on this new inspiration that all his worries and doubts dropped away. He then got to rediscover his love for filming in a new way.

Every day was a development of trust in which also the octopus opened up to Craig’s presence bit by bit while Craig had to stay very patient. Soon, his heart started bubbling with a rejuvenating feeling of joy, and he became very attached to her, but since the octopus is regularly hunted on by sharks, Craig got faced with a deep-seated fear of loss. It took all his willpower to just stand by and let things be exactly as they are, since one can’t interfere with underwater life. When the octopus slowly died in the act of taking care of her babies, Craig was reminded of the enormous gift she had given him and the love rushed back into his awareness.

In opening up and sharing their love and joy with one another, Craig felt he had received everything and the more he felt the love in his heart, the more he wanted to extend it out. Subsequently, he started sharing every detail of this adventure with his son. Which was once a closed-off relationship now had become deeper than ever before.

The relationship between Craig and the octopus was transformational and shows that in giving yourself over to your calling and purpose to be truly helpful, the little self a.k.a. the ego cannot survive. All the darkness will come up for healing and only the light will remain.


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