Parables of an Intuitive Life

The latter part of this life for me has been using perception, or everyday life, as a means to raise up and question the attachment or misidentification with the false ego-self in mind and its unloving thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that arise within awareness moment-to-moment.

This has allowed me to then recognise the ever-present flow of intuition that is available moment-to-moment like a GPS, where the fear and control of the intellectual mind is laid aside for the clueless, carefree joy and inspiration of Being.

Through this purpose I came to experience that I have never had any personal control over worldly outcomes or events. I consciously recognised that life has always been working out by itself, in synchronistic ways all without my effort, yet, I had been misperceiving it all through the lens of fear—the ego—as if I was separate from Life and its Abundance.

As one realises the softness of the true Self, the Universe reflects this back as a loving and supportive world. Signs and symbols constantly show up, reflecting guidance and reassurance that one is always safe and cared for if one has the eyes to see. Life takes care of Life, and you are Life.” Dylan Love

The following parables act as symbols or pointers to the true, loving nature of Self and its spontaneous joy of freedom!

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Divinely Guided lovecast with Dylan Love

Join Dylan Love in this Divinely Guided podcast with Friends. Relax and listen to the parables and experiences from the daily experiences of Dylan and Friends about opening to and experiencing Divine or Intuitive Guidance and synchronicities.

Immerse in the laughter and ever-present joy of the Safety of the Present that these experiences and sharings point to.

Ep #1: Opening to Intuitive Guidance
Ep #2: Following Intuitive Guidance
Ep #3: Merging with Intuitive Guidance

Joining in the Joy Beyond Fear
by Dylan Love

A parable of trusting intuition in the moment with whatever presents itself. Trusting that the most helpful words will be given in the moment.

Loosening from Time
by Colin Carter

A parable about loosening from thoughts and beliefs based on past learning with Colin and Dylan in Hamilton, New Zealand!

Let the coffee fall where it falls
by Lilo aurora

A parable about unwinding the mind from the false belief of doing something wrong, unworthiness, and messing something up to the experience of Innocence and Peace with Lilo Aurora in Belgium!

Stepping out of the status quo
bY Carol ZéTOLA

A parable about stepping out of the thinking of the world and opening to another way of living, another way of being, opening to a better way beyond the past learning of the world with Carol Zétola in Brazil!

A Safety & Peace beyond ownership
By Lilo Aurora

A parable about stepping out of ownership and blossoming into an experience of safety beyond the false belief in loneliness with Lilo Aurora on the plane to Denmark!

Mystic’s Delight
by Dylan Love

A parable about the joy of being clueless when following intuition with Colin, Dylan, and Lynne in Auckland, New Zealand!

Trusting Intuitive Feelings
by Dylan Love

A parable about how intuition is non-linear and to trust intuitive feelings or prompts in the moment with Dylan!

The Gentleness beyond self-blame
by Lilo aurora

A parable about allowing yourself to feel the emotions and thoughts that are arising in awareness, without stuffing them down, to experience the gentleness beyond self-blame with Lilo Aurora in Belgium!

Everything Works Together FOr Good
by PeiLing

A parable about experiencing a bodily illness in non-judgement and acceptance, and how everything was being used to work together for the good of all, including an awakening experience with Peiling in Singapore!

Nothing Is At Random
By Lilo Aurora

A parable about using a theatre play to raise to doubt the belief in doing something wrong, and being able to follow intuitive guidance despite the ego’s fear with Lilo Aurora in Belgium!