Gamer’s Guide to Enlightenment

An Introductory page for using games for mental health and peace of mind with Dylan Love &
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Using Gaming for Peace of Mind

Gaming often serves the purpose of entertainment or a means of distraction from the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that are arising in awareness during the day. When you re-purpose things you use in the world to serve the one purpose of experiencing consistent peace and happiness, gaming become a great way to share in an experience and visual illustrations that point to the realisation of the true Self of inner peace. Gaming now become a great way to save time in regards to experiencing consistent peace and happiness. They can be used to notice any false, unloving thoughts and beliefs of the ego in mind, so that they can be seen as false and released without living out the experience.Dylan Aurelian Love

As all form is neutral to the spirit, everything including gaming may be used for the undoing of the ego. All that is required is a change of purpose. One must have the willingness to let go of egoic motivations for gaming (Such as prestige, competition, killing time, distracting away from painful life situations or difficult feelings) and allow them to be replaced by the unified purpose of healing the mind and coming to and remaining in present peace. In my own experience this shift in purpose within my mind was the first step I took to use gaming for enlightenment. It was about holding peace of mind as the number one goal of gaming rather than making specific outcomes happen in game. Under this new purpose I was able to see that the true purpose of gaming (along with everything else in the world) and what would bring the most ultimate sense of healing and subsequent joy was using it as a background for mind training…” Bri Brookes

Questioning Limiting beliefs and Fear-based conditioning With The Matrix Awakens (PS5)

Being vulnerable and authentic with the emotions you are experiencing is the first step in allowing you to realise that you do not like how you feel right now, being the gateway back inwards to consistent peace, inwards to invulnerability.

What is unreal? Fear (the ego). What is real? An unconditioned open heart (the love within you, the essence of your very being).

The purpose of shifting one’s attention inwards is to be able to gently mind-watch. Think of it as cloud watching. The clouds pass through the sky, and it is very meditative to just lay on the grass of the park watching the clouds pass through the sky. So, too, is this similar to the mind and the thoughts arising and passing through one’s awareness, which can be like the sky.

Through mind watching one is able to gently observe the train of fear-based ego thoughts and see their falsity.

Truly, inner peace is the simple recognition and experience where you live from the position of being the watcher of the thoughts, emotions, and different worldly perceptions and sensations passing through your awareness, just like cloud gazing. You watch the fear-based thoughts such as, “If only I knew what was for dinner tonight I can be at peace; If only it wasn’t raining my day would be so much better and I would be happier.” You simply observe them. You watch them, knowing that you are the watcher of thoughts and not the thinker of thoughts.

The experience of Inner Peace is not about getting rid of unloving thoughts, emotions, or perceptions…

but being able to observe them all without judgement, in which they are seen as false—not you, being the unchanging sky observing the changing, temporal clouds moving through you, the sky. It is out of this observing and lack of interest in the clouds that the Peace that has always been with one shines in the forefront of one’s experience.

It is here that you step out of the fear based conditioning, the fear-based roller coaster of emotions and where the true Miracle is chosen, which is a shift in perception from fear to Love, a shift in identify from misidentifying with the ego to resting as the true Self You already Are and always have been, the Love of your open heart that is the essence of your very Being that is always unaffected by anything happening in the world.

In other words, you step out of the mentally created stories of mental scenarios not happening NOW, and experience the stillness of the moment, which is “The Power of Now,” as Eckhart Tolle describes it.

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Using Virtual Reality For
Mental health and Peace of Mind

Virtual reality is a great platform for facing fears that you experience during your daily life within the comfort of your own chosen environment. Using the immersive experience of VR allows you to become aware of what is arising for you, emotionally and mentally, during simulated environments such as a VR roller-coaster ride.

With the aid of tools of inquiry and insight, one is able to pull the fears and emotions felt during the simulated environment off of the screen back to one’s mind-the limiting and fearful thoughts and beliefs arising in mind to be looked at and released.

Through awareness and insight into the mental attachment to unloving thoughts and ego-belief in mind, one is able to look upon what is often distracted from and supressed. This allows for one to accept all of the uncomfortable emotions and thoughts that may arise, having the conscious ability to meet them all with understanding where one eventually overlooks the fear and conflict of the ego for peace, love, and happiness that is the true Self.

Your state of mind is your responsibility! As these tools become second nature, one’s natural state of Being as the consistent peace and happiness that is sought in the world naturally shines through as your very Presence! Both the problem and solution to your experience has always been within!

The open-hearted Experience with Scenes
from the movie, “Free Guy” (2021)

Underneath all of the unloving rollercoaster of thoughts, emotions and perceptions of the ego is the experience of an open-heart, along with a depth of Being that transcends the limited box of this world.

Life beyond the harsh thoughts of the ego is soft. Life beyond the rollercoaster of emotions is loving. Life, being beyond any fear-based conditioning, is always there reminding and showing you, “I Love You exactly as you are. I accept you just as you are right now. I have got you in every moment.”

Love will remind you who you are and what life is all about!

The ego will project what is here now—the experience of Peace and Happiness—into a future goal. It shall suggest to the mind, “Only when you release all of these unloving thoughts will you experience peace of mind.” Yet, a decision that is already made is just an acceptance. The seeming spiritual journey of Self-Realization or Inner Peace may seem like a future goal yet, with the help of Inner Wisdom, the false projection of time is collapsed to reveal the ever-present nature of the Self or of Peace

The true Self is always calling one’s awareness back to Itself saying, “Here I Am, Peace never left you.” It softly reminds one, “Remain here as unchanging Peace! Let thoughts arise and disappear, they are not who you truly are. Rest here in the peace, love and tranquillity of Being.

Do you need to strive for a future goal if the glasses you were looking for are already on your head? Or does this realization entail just a simple acceptance: “Oh my golly gosh, the glasses were already on my head. Silly me for forgetting about them while I spent all day searching for them.

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