Questions & Reminders

The following Questions and Reminders with Dylan are for the sole purpose of pointing to the end of inner conflict, dissolving the apparent suffering which comes with the desire to misidentify with a false sense of self ❤

Beloved Friend: Hey Dylan, how are you? I want to ask you something.

I recently moved to Japan. I’ve been here for maybe a week. And there are a lot of triggers. From family, the society, and just people. What are these triggers doing here? Are they here to help me expand? Or are they just a reflection of my inner self?

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Beloved Friend: When I see myself assigning consequences to my children for certain behaviour, I feel so contracted when I buy into these roles. Could you please help me see this differently?

Loving Reminder: Love is unconditional

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Beloved Friend: When teachings say, “What you see in the world is a reflection of yourself,” when I see someone as stupid does it mean that I am stupid?

Loving Reminder: If You Spot It You Got It

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Beloved Friend: Can you share more about remembering the true Self?

Dylan Love: Initially, for me, the focus seemed to have started out being solely perception based. Because the true Self seems to be overlooked at first, one’s focus or attention seems to be solely based on form and specifics…

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Beloved Friend: Can you please comment on schooling, as I am currently feeling uninspired and do not have a sense of direction for my life?

Loving Reminder: Life is happening Now

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Beloved Friend: What do you do when you are feeling so many emotions at once, but don’t know how to deal with one at a time?

Loving Reminder: Let the clouds pass through

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Friend: I feel like I am losing it a bit. How do I operate in a world that I’m really trying to understand while also understanding, “The more I seek the more lost I feel?” It’s a never ending spiral. And I know you talk all the time about how to just relax and open up to the guidance of the true Self, becoming aware and mind-watching, but thought is always there even to tell us we are aware. Even experience is thought. Is there life without thought?

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Friend: Do you have any experience with polyamory? It’s becoming a part of my life and I never thought it would. My wife of 10 years has asked that we open our relationship and I’m scared to death. I know I shouldn’t be, and I’m way less scared than I was a few weeks ago when it was brought up. I’ve just been having a hard time with it and I don’t really know who to talk to. I feel like it’s a good thing in a way, though, because I’m being shown parts of my ego and negative feelings I didn’t know I was hiding.

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Contemplation and Insight

Dylan:  The tendency of mind which suggests that one can do something wrong in one’s experience is a deeply rooted, false ego belief held in the mind. As this arises, it is okay to be gentle with yourself. The form in which the belief of wrongness appears is perfectly being used so that one can see the unquestioned misidentification with the ego and its unloving thoughts. This is the only purpose of the form. 

All things are exactly as they are, and all that arises is perfect because it is arising. Know that nothing could be different. The error in mind of believing the ego and its unloving thoughts that are saying something could be different in the past is the only problem. “You are wrong because you should have done [fill in the blank]. What in mind is saying this? The misidentification with the ego and its false, hypothetical thoughts is the only error to be corrected. Nothing of the form needs to change to be peaceful, happy, or complete.

This is a gentle call for mind-watching, seeing that you are the Awareness or Dreamer of the Dream that is aware of the ego and its unloving thoughts, but you are not the ego. As a mind thinks, so it is. Recognise the point, the present moment. It is a point because it is not linear. Just like watching a movie, in which it is scripted and couldn’t be any other way, open the perfection of everything right now as it is.

If it is perfect it could not be any other way, for perfection rests on overlooking errors and errors always rest on judgement—a split desire in mind that something should be different than it is. With judgement comes suffering.

Let your desire remain singular for the Self, for Present Peace. Overlooking all misidentification with the ego one is wholly fearless. Be with Me this moment, as there is one Self. Soar in Joy, rejoicing in original Innocence and resting in Peace. There is nothing to fear as fear is now impossible. All is well and you are safe.