Levels of Mind Tool


The Levels of Mind diagram and example dialogue symbolises the levels of mind. While the mind experiences itself as split, conflicted, this tool is designed to bring one back to the level of mind, through the Help of Intuitive Guidance. The purpose of this tool is to look upon the seeming blocks to the experience of Peace and Love in mind, that have been projected out onto the world, events, and people of perception.

To remember the Dreamer of the Dream Perspective, the decision-maker on the mind level between the true Self and the ego, as a stepping-stone, so that another purpose other than the ego’s purpose of lack of peace may be accepted.

In reality, there are no levels of mind as the true Self is whole and seen as one. This diagram is shown from a non-absolute point or as if the mind is split (duality).

Clarification of Terms


  • Desire is on the level of cause—the mind level—as this is the level of misidentification with the ego. Desire, as a stepping-stone, is either singular (for peace) or split (for something other than peace: lack of peace / separation).
  • Separation or split refers to a split desire for something other than the singular desire for peace of mind: to misidentify with the ego and its split desire for things in the world to be different than they are for peace, happiness, and fulfilment. Example: I will be happy or peaceful when I get more/less money in the bank, when the body is bigger/smaller, when I know more intellectually (self-improvement). At its core, separation is the belief in the reality of two or more (multiplicity), in the reality of time-space, in the reality of fear or the ego.
  • Single refers to one’s singular desire for peace of mind; to rest as the true Self that is Peace of mind/Peace of Being/Spirit/Presence that You already Are right Now.

MIRACLE: is defined here as a shift in perception from fear to love, from a split desire of the ego to the singular desire for peace, from a misidentification with a seeming ego (fear / lack of peace) to one’s true Self or Being (Love, Peace, Joy and Inspiration).

FORGIVENESS: refers to the act of overlooking the ego, which occurs through seeing the falsity or illusory nature of the ego and its unreal effects. You may also refer to the “What is Forgiveness” section in A Course in Miracles.

Levels of Mind Metaphoric Diagram

Level of Mind
Levels of Mind diagram by our friend David Hoffmeister

Looking at the diagram we can see that there are four concentric circles, starting with desire and outward to perception.

Each level is an effect of the previous level: perception is an effect of emotion, emotion is an effect of thought, thought is an effect of belief and belief is an effect of desire.

Remembering that each circle is only an effect of the previous level, if you are experiencing an upset on the level of perception—where the mind often thinks the cause of upset isyou have to trace the upset back to emotion, to thought, to what is being believed and then to the core desire. 

Trying to have a change in the world for peace is to delay peace, as the level of perception is only an effect. Only by going to the level of cause, being in mind where the misidentification is, allows true correction and will provide an immediate result of peace right now. 

When an upset occurs, tracing the upset back to the mind can allow you to see that your current desire is for something other than present peace of mind (termed separation). Example: you are desiring wanting to get that parking spot or wanting to be right about how something of the world should be different for me to be peaceful, worthy or happy more than you are desiring peace, onsetting lack of peace regardless of the worldly outcome.

  1. In this split desire, the overlooking of the true Self/single goal of Peace seems to occur;
  2. where the false belief in the ego [second ring] appears to enter in;
  3. the mind now experiences and misidentifies with its unloving thoughts [third circle];
  4. experiences its emotions and variations of fear [fourth circle];
  5. and its fearful and fragmented perceptions (where the mind thinks the cause of the fear, upset, annoyance is) [outer ring of perception].

This tool is designed to bring one back to the core desire or level of cause each time an upset is experienced.

The “miracle” (shown with red lines) is the shift in perception from lack of peace (misidentification with the ego) to Peace (accepting the true Self as It Is), which seems to occur at first through inquiry and/or following intuitive Inner Guidance of the true Self—the how.

  1. The singular desire for Peace/Innocence/true Self as It Is [first circle];
  2. you have overlooked the ego and its split desires (termed forgiveness) [second and third circle];
  3. the emotions that are sourced from the awareness of the true Self are those of unconditional Love, Peace, Joy or Inspiration [the fourth circle];
  4. and one experiences a loving or unified perception of peace no matter what may be occurring in perception [the outer ring of perception].

Example Dialogues Using Levels of Mind

Dialogues with Dylan discussing arising upsets and how to apply the levels of mind process for peace of mind.

YouTube videos on Levels of Mind

To truly desire present peace—the experience of the true Self—one first has to get in touch with the darkness in mind, to start to see all of the split desires of the ego that are valued more than consistent peace: I will be happy or peaceful when I get more/less money in the bank, when the body is bigger/smaller, when I know more intellectually (self-improvement) etc.

The singular desire for the experience of Self is a desirelessness for a particular condition, worldly outcome, or for more of anything in the world. The body still moves around, still speaks, still eats, but the Peace of the true Self You already Are is not conditional—not circumstance dependent—and it is not even dependent on an improvement of self. Therefore, the experience of Peace and Fulfilment is available this moment yet, simply overlooked when sought in intellectual understanding or the world.