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An erotic Fantasy piece that teases the birthplace of her experiences—the imagination!

Allow yourself to jump head first into this erotic deep dive where love and lust heavenly merge as one. Immerse yourself into an experience where He is of service to the wholeness of Her Queendom, rather than used just for his pleasure.

“…His multitasking was an invitation to show her that this was not just sex, but art. This was no longer an act of making love, but moving together to merge as one to become Living Poetry. How receiving that fullness allowed her to be reminded how it is to be treated like the Goddess she is. Not being used as an object of his pleasure, but being the canvas of which his wholeness can serve…”
Page 4, An Enchanting Evening

“You’re killing me, I can’t. It’s like I become her when I read it.
You write better than the author of 50 Shades ever could.”

— Kristy

I’ve never read something like this. It brought me to an open, raw and animal-like state. The focus on her satisfaction felt nurturing.”

— Lieselotte

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