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Described by Dylan as “the Voice for the Angels,” Lilo is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and has devoted her life to serving the Highest Wisdom and following the spark in Heart!

Bathe yourself in the softness of Love’s Caress through Lilo’s voice.

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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
It is a universal language, and a pathway to God. Music touches us emotionally and
serves as a guide into an experience of Divine Love.”


After leaving behind her life and starting career as a musical theater actor and singer in New York City, Lilo moved to the rural mountains of Utah to join a mystical community devoted to practicing forgiveness using the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Lilo went through a big period of undoing and letting go of everything that wasn’t making her happy in life. 

In 2020, after moving back to her hometown in Belgium, Lilo started writing her very first songs. Without any previous experience in songwriting, melodies and lyrics would come to her mind and she would search for the fitting chords a guitar she shortly played as a teenager.

A whole list of songs followed, some which have been released recently and some that are still to be recorded.

This time the music was given another purpose rather than it coming from a need to accomplish something in the world, fame or status. It came effortlessly from desire to share.

Lilo started discovering music in a new way, and felt called to lend her voice to help calm feelings of stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Lilo’s warm, soothing vocals and music invite you to be still and listen to what is calling from within. Her lyrics and music inspire compassion, kindness, creativity, and love, and point to the nature of a mystical Heart longing to reunite with Home.

Now more than ever, Lilo can hear the call to share these songs. Together with her music partner Jacob Hauge Mateo, she recently released an EP, called ‘Only You’. This EP contains some of Lilo’s own written songs as well as Jacob’s, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and all other platforms. Listen by clicking on the links below. 👇

Besides singing and songwriting, Lilo also coaches others in singing and helping them free themselves from any limiting beliefs with the means of voice expression.

Read more about this below.👇

LATEST release

Listen to this soft and comforting 5 song EP by Lilo Aurora and Jacob Hauge Mateo.

‘Only You’ is the expression of a heart and mind longing to remember and unite with Home within.

Out on all platforms


Listen this live performance by Jacob and Lilo singing their song
‘Quiet Fields of Peace’ from their first album ‘Where Angels Gently Sing’

Singing and Voice Liberation Coach

Would you like to sing, but believe your voice is not good enough to be heard?

Would you like to feel more confident in speaking your truth?

Would you like to remove any barriers that keep you from singing and/or speaking up?

Would you like to discover your authentic voice?

BOOK A singing and/or voice liberation SESSION with me!
(Online or in person)

I currently facilitate group sessions in Hjerterum, in Aarhus called, ‘You Can Sing!’. Find more information about these sessions on the event page of Hjerterum 👉!event-list – COST 200 kr

In person, sessions are held in Aarhus, Denmark, or upon invitation. Online sessions are held in Zoom. I usually charge 250kr/h or 25 euros or 30 dollars.

Over the past 2 years, I have started offering voice sessions, both vocal lessons where I take you through technical exercises and work on songs with you, as well as voice liberation sessions that are less technical, with a focus on finding your authentic voice and releasing any blocks you may have around singing, letting your heart sing its song limitlessly.

In this class, you can sound however you feel. We will explore a whole range of sounds, you won’t believe all the sounds you can make, and it doesn’t need to sound pretty. Actually, I can guarantee you, it often won’t sound pretty at all, but it will be lots of fun and very freeing.

We first want to connect with our authentic voice and heart, and from that place, we can start singing songs. And I promise you, YOU WILL be able to feel it deeply and touch others when you sing from that place. You won’t be able to control it, because it is simply something that happens when you share your honest and raw self, and you will see, you too, CAN SING!  

I have joined with people from different countries, both online over Zoom and in person. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like to know more about my private and/or group sessions.

Lots of love,


Lilo is my singing coach ❤️

With her, I am working through my fear of singing.

Already after the first session, I felt that some very old inner blockage began to crumble. After each session with Lilo, I feel more and more brave and free inside 🦋 🎶

I’m so happy to be on this very beautiful and healing journey home to my (our) powerful voice. So I TOTALLY recommend her!

Thank you SO much, dear Lilo.


“Thank you, Lilo, for yesterday’s session. I loved it!!! I would encourage everyone to try this. It had a bit of everything. Fun! Movement! Joining! Being silly! And after this a wonderful healing, beautiful stillness in sound, blessing, peace, and remembrance of ourselves in God. Thank you! Our song echoed in my mind all night.”


“The whole experience was a shift into the Holy Instant!! Felt a powerful healing followed by the miracles!!  So grateful for this Beautiful Session!!”


Interviews, podcasts, and articles

My Journey of Healing & Music

“What was initially a great help for my heart to open up and expand, soon became a means to receive approval rather than to share love and joy.

I went through a big wash in my mind about what music is, how it needs to sound, and what the real purpose is for it.

This whole experience is such a beautiful opportunity to experience real connectedness and to follow the true inspiration and desire of my heart.

All it takes is one moment of surrender to let the spark in mind take over any thoughts of the past and future, any doubts and fears. Then I feel the radiance of a non-compromising state of mind that only wants to be happy.”

Open your heart & see Through your,
“Light Eye”

Listen to this victorious, spiritual dance track, made in collaboration with producer-songwriter Merin Mundo.

Read more about how the collaboration came about in my article on👇

Behind the Scene Article on “New Dawn”
“Live in the moment, let go of all you think you know and all you think you need
and let love guide you in every step of the way.”
~ lilo aurora

Europe & Mexico

“It is the unconditional Love in Heart, along with all actions that stem from it,
that blesses and awakens a forgotten song in the hearts of All. A gentle song
reminding everyone who they truly are—children of unconditional Love.”
~ Lilo aurora & dylan love

New York, USA