Star Trek Series

Going where no one has gone before: into the mind

Star Trek episodes offer visual parables for opening one to realisations and pointers to enlightenment, and demonstrate the importance of communication and transparency, in regards to Awakening.

Often allowing them to see that the experiences of one is happening to the whole crew, and being about to go through it all together as a crew.

Below are episodes to watch, which are all on Netflix, that symbolise and reflect the experience of true Self.

Star Trek: Discovery

Season 01 Episode 7 – Party Time

Party Time symbolises the loop of time that the split mind is looped in. The ego is the denial of the Present Moment, of unconditional Love. Crew of the Discovery must rely on the guidance of one that is unaffected by the time loop in order to save the entire crew. Love solves all seeming problems, as it was only the denial of Love (shown at the end) that kept the seeming loop of time in place.

Season 2 Episode 6 – The Sound of Thunder

The Sound of Thunder is a demonstration of how Truth prevails over fear, and is a perfect reflection for one’s own experience of awakening. Saru, who has grown up on a planet with systems designed to condition the mind with fear, control and deceit, must find the courage to face all the fears and roller-coaster of emotions when he finds out everything he has been taught was a lie.

Going through an awakening experience that contradicts and goes against everything that he had been previously taught, Saru begins to see how the systems that are in place on his home planet of Kaminar are only in place to maintain fear and control, keeping the population asleep to who one truly is. Undergoing this awakening experience Saru, opens to an experience of fearlessness that allows Saru to confront the Ba’ul, who hide behind their technology to overcompensate for their frail physicality and hide behind deception to try to perpetrate their existence.

As one awakens all awaken, Saru’s experience is not for him alone but for the freedom of his entire home world. Through exposing the Ba’ul’s lies and deceptions, in which Saru faces the most resistance, Saru comes into the knowledge of who he and truly is.

Following each step with full trust, help is given in the form of the Red Angel who, from a past learning point of view, managed to do the impossible. Love and Truth transcend the limitations of time and space and can’t be planned for or calculated, in regards to how things work from a mind rooted in past learning. Despite how bad it may look in the form of it, the Red Angel’s appearance symbolises how all things work together for the good. No matter what may be believed and thought, Truth and Love always calls to the sleeping, fearful mind. One must question everything one thinks one thinks and thinks one knows, in order to come into an experience beyond conditioning and past learning of a fearless life. All fear is mentally created and does not exist in the Present Moment. Nothing can stop the remembrance of What You truly and already Are!

“You must challenge your preconceptions, or your preconceptions will inevitably challenge you.” Serek, Star Trek: Discovery
Saru: “It fills the room.” Dr. Hugh Culber: “Joy? Yeah. We all had to stop pretending we were fine first.” Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 4

Star Trek – Emissary (S01-E02)

Emissary symbolises the journey beyond time and space to the I AM Presence that is before time was. Only by questioning everything one thinks one thinks and thinks one knows can one sink into the awareness of peace of mind, that is here this very moment. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – The Inner Light (S05-E25)

The Inner Light symbolises the experience of wish fulfilment through dreaming, and shows Picard’s innate call to wake up. Enlightenment is the single desire for Truth and the remembrance of what is Real, the true Self beyond the false sense of self. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – Waking Moments (S04-E13)

Waking Moments symbolises the awareness and waking from unconsciousness. Invulnerability can be experienced as the true Self is recognised and accepted. What is not real cannot touch or harm anything that is. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – Persistence of Vision (S02-E08)

Persistence of Vision symbolises the need to choose and side consistently with what is real, the true Self of pure Love. Only by seeing fantasies as not real and exposing deception can you experience your original Innocence and Wholeness. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – Hard Time (S04-E18)

Hard Time symbolises the use of memories as justification of seeming “true experiences.” By using memory for the purpose of remembering the present moment is when the realisation that the false ego-belief of separation never happened dawns in awareness. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – The Thaw (S02-E23)

The Thaw symbolises an imaginary world governed by fear, and the unreality of it. Only by questioning the validity of ego thoughts and the misidentification to them is when you can truly raise to doubt the reality of fear. In the light of inquiry does fear dissipate. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – Journey’s End (S07-E20)

Journey’s End symbolises living an unfulfilled life of people-pleasing and compromise, and opening to authenticity and inspiration. Self-sacrifice is not a virtue on the experience of Awakening, Self-love through staying true to intuitive guidance is. To view the trailer click here

Star Trek – The Perfect Mate (S05-E21)

The Perfect Mate symbolises the mind’s split desire between peace and conflict. The desire to people please for sex is an egoic desire for conflict, as it denies one’s Wholeness of true Self, suggesting one is incomplete. As one questions all split desires, of a false sense of self, so that they may be seen as false one can come to a single-minded desire for peace and recognition of Self as pure Love. Trailer click here