Loosening from Time

Written by Colin Carter, 2018

For as long as I can recall I’ve felt anxiety in relation to time: eg. concern about being late for appointments or flights, judging others when they were late for agreed meetings etc. It has played out in a variety of ways.

Earlier today I went on a little trip with my friend, Dylan. He had told me we would leave around 12.10 pm to catch the bus down the street. He ended up coming to my room a few minutes earlier at 12.08 and we departed moments after.

When we were within sight of the bus stop Dylan called out that we would need to slightly increase our walking speed, intuitively feeling the bus was close. As we reached the end of the street, we were joyful to see the bus coming around the corner the moment we arrived. We both commented on the perfect timing of the whole thing. No waiting time at all.

When we got off near the shopping center, I was aware of some concerns about the timing of the return bus as I would be purchasing some frozen items. When I aired these thoughts with Dylan he simply said that his experiences have been that the bus would always arrive just when he needed it, so I needn’t concern myself with that. Without responding to him, I simply thought that that sounded great and happily joined him in that idea, putting any bus concerns completely out of my mind.

I had a few items to purchase at the “New World” supermarket. Upon paying for these items my Australian ATM card was declined. The cashier was very helpful and patient, but after the 4th attempt I decided to let go of the cash out idea and paid for the groceries with some cash I had. It was at this point that the cashier in the next aisle offered helpful suggestions on the nearest ATM that would be fee free.

Moments later, the cashier even further away called out offering to help. Then the lady bagging the items wanted to help too. Wow!!! It seemed like the entire staff were leaning toward me to bless me. By this time quite a queue had built up in my aisle without anyone seeming concerned about the delay.

There were a few other things to handle in this shopping complex, including enjoying a complimentary chocolate thick-shake from Dylan.

As we made our way out of the shopping complex and started our walk toward the bus stop, Dylan expressed some joyous comments about how close the bus would arrive from when we got to the stop. As we moved within 25 meters of the bus stop, the bus appeared at the perfect time. Just as we got here. Wow!

Hmmm, I feel my mind wanting to open up to a whole new way of living, with a desire to let go of old fear based ways of thinking. Today felt like a beautiful and gentle journey with intuitive guidance leading the way, reassuring me that everything right down to the slightest detail was all being handled. These experiences are definitely needed to help shift the mind from ego, from fear to a relaxation in present trust and Love.

The only thing left for me to do was enjoy the ride.


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