Mystic’s Delight

Written by Dylan Love, 2018

Colin and I had just recently finished dinner at a friend’s house in Auckland, New Zealand. She had gone out for dinner, while Colin and I got some at the house. After doing the dishes we both had the intuitive feeling to get something sweet to eat for desert.

Intuitively feeling we were to go for a walk, we decided we would go and find a dairy or ice cream shop. There were a few doubt thoughts such as that the dairy would not be open being past 8pm. Yet, we both trusted this intuitive feeling.

Setting off I tried opening Google Maps to see which was the best way to go, but it wouldn’t open. So, both Colin and I started walking where we felt intuitively guided to go in the moment. Doubt thoughts came up that maybe we were going the wrong way. As this thought popped up and was shared between us, a few kids came around the corner that very instant and had ice creams in their hand, being an obvious sign that we were going the correct way to the dairy.

Another few hundred meters down the road another lady came down the road with an ice cream, as a sign to carry on that way. Playing follow the ice cream eaters, upon reaching the dairy Colin and I learnt that they were just about to close. Asking the shop owners what time they finished, they stated that they normally closed half an hour earlier, at 8pm, but were still open because they were busier on this night.

Walking back to the house in laughter, upon arriving back, we both got home perfectly in time as Lynne, our sweet host, was arriving home from her dinner outing a few hours beforehand.

Every moment can be used as a backdrop to show and remind you that your intuition is always guiding you, moment-to-moment, in the ever-present intuitive flow. All with perfect timing, too, as everyone is always at the right place at the right time. All you have to do is to be willing to listen and follow on the intuitive nudges, prompts or guidance, despite any false, ego doubt thoughts or resistance that may show up in mind.

In the joy of witnessing the synchronicities that arise from acting on these spontaneous, intuitive prompts and guidance, all doubt is washed away in the recognition of the safety of the present moment—being a state of mind—as everything is seen as working together for the good.

Love you just as you are,

Dylan Aurelian Love


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