Nothing is At Random

Written by Lilo Aurora

What I am seeing more and more these days is that one of the ego’s most used distractions to maintain the fear in mind is to convince one that things can go wrong or right in the future or have gone wrong or right in the past. And if one doesn’t do it right, there will be serious consequences.

The other day, I went to see “Hullep!”, a Belgian play, written by Peter de Graef. What became very clear to me throughout this story was how much the main character was disregarding her intuitive feelings and guidance to listen to the directions of her new boss, who was a clear representation of the ego’s manipulative thought system. The main character disregarded her intuition, so much so that it was not until she had been left all alone in Russia with no family and no money, that she realized what had happened. All this time, she hadn’t been following her heart, only to try and gain approval and live a rollercoaster life of excitement and competition instead.

At the end of the play, when I saw the main character cry on stage in a moment of complete devastation and despair, I realized it was showing me the ego’s fearful beliefs in my mind to end up alone with nothing left, and how the despair and devastation came from the ego, not from what had happened to her. These beliefs were already in the mind and this situation was now flushing it up, so it could actually be seen for what it was—unloving and fearful thoughts, distracting the mind from knowing that all is perfectly well no matter what.

Throughout the play, I could see her intuition was always speaking to her, but the fear in her mind had her disregard these guidances and take the opposite routes, following the manipulations of her boss. Everything seemed lost for her in the moment, though it was then and there that I’d heard something truly beautiful, which had helped me leave the theater in peace and with a deeper certainty and confidence to stay true to myself. 

“She is still there,” I had heard, “she isn’t lost. Her True Self is left untouched. No matter how loud the ego is speaking, there is something that is present right now and that is holding her through it all. And remember, this is all for you, it is to show you that YOU cannot get lost.” It felt it so strong. My inner voice went on, “The purity and Love in Heart can get one through anything. This is a deep, deep life lesson of trust and of the ever present Love and safety that is not of form.”

In seeing her go through all this, it became clear to me that awakening is inevitable for everyone, no matter what situation one seems to be in. No matter how desperate things look, Life is working in a way to help one realize when the pure intuitive guidance is being disregarded for the ego’s beliefs and false sense of security. Situations and people are brought in to help flush up the deep unworthiness and guilt to awaken to the Love in Heart, to forgive, and accept one’s True Thoughts instead. 

In A Course in Miracles, Lesson 42, Jesus says, “Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God. Such are His gifts.”

Wawieee hé! These lines just throw all ideas of messing things up or getting harmed by something or someone straight out the window, saying that you are always exactly where you are to be. It is only a matter of what lens one is looking through at any situation that will determine how one will feel.

He also says, “This means that you can receive it any time and anywhere, wherever you are, and in whatever circumstance you find yourself.”

So, I have the Strength of God in my Heart, guiding me, loving me, and not judging anything or anyone. The only thing then that is truly worthy of my focus is to let my mind be redirected or retrained to listen only to this loving Voice within.

I left the theater with the question, “Do I always follow my heart? Or do I let the ego manipulate me into things throughout the day? Things that don’t feel good, but seem to bring something to this persona that is really just a false sense of safety and a false sense of self apart from God.”

Once more, I am being convinced that the only way to feel at peace and live in complete trust is to forgive the ego or master manipulator’s thoughts and judgments on anyone or any situation. It is truly the only way, and all else will be handled and worked out without the ego’s opinions.

Hallelujah, let this be my true safety in every circumstance.

Thank you, Life, for this beautiful message!

With all the Love in my Heart,



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