Stepping Out of the Status Quo

written by Carol Zétola

You are not a victim of this world. This was the sentence that hit me so deep that I could barely imagine all of the unfolding that would come after that. I was going through another cycle of wondering what I was doing here, what was my purpose here? I wanted to have a “calling”, a purpose, a sense of “I was doing something good here in the world.” I felt so frustrated and sad not “finding” it.

In so many different areas of life I had tried to find it, and believe me, I was “searching” all over! In places, books, retreats, teachers and methods. Nothing seemed to work permanently.

In 2016, I was traveling for the company I owned at the time. It was a business gathering event for international TV content executives, in France. I had plenty of meetings and a full schedule. The lady at the front desk called me saying two guys wanted to present a TV series project proposal to me. Out of all the other Brazilian executives from the stand it was me she called, and the entire event probably had over ten thousand people.

As I sat to hear this project idea my whole body was shaking inside. My mind was blown away! I felt an immediate connection as I watched the trailer and the explanation about it. The tagline from the series was: “You are not a victim of the world”. These two writers were students of the book, A Course in Miracle. Little did I know back then, it was the beginning of a path of lots of forgiveness and unwinding of my mind.

I can see very clearly now how the Spirit used what I believed in at the time to reach me. It was here that my life changed dramatically. I pretty much left the company I owned, left the relationship I had, changed cities, and changed home. The Spirit had another purpose for me, greater than what I had previously learnt from the world. For example, even though we worked on the film project over many years, with pre-production and many meetings with investors, we ended up not even shooting the show.

At this time, I was still very confused about a lot of things. I could see a lot of specialness with the project, and even an external need to accomplish it to feel worthy and have value. Today, I can be so grateful at how it all went so perfectly, and for all of the insights that I received from this.

I believed I could not have peace of mind if I was not doing anything in the external, if I was not productive as I “should be.” This helped me to question many beliefs. The awareness to watch the mind during each single event and perceive the situation with the Holy Spirit brought much of a cleansing and clarity.

The fact that nothing outside of us can bring us happiness is a life changing experience. To take responsibility for my mind changes it all. It goes all the way back to the initial sentence: you are not a victim of this world. It’s up to you to decide what you want. Do you want to perceive Love or fear?

Joining here with Dylan and friends reinforce the mind-training and the unwinding. I no longer wanna live under pressure or under goals from the ego purpose. The only purpose for me is to forgive, and using projects as a background for that work is wonderful. To have mighty companions with you along the way which can hold the space with no judgment and only love is a precious gift.

As I write this and watch my mind I can still see thoughts of judgment and criticism, and I thank this opportunity to be aware of them and choose again. Let’s hand them over to the Holy Spirit and forgive myself.

Let’s join forces in Love and serve the Spirit for the Whole, practicing mind-watching and forgiveness in every activity we are asked to do. Be only Love, choose only Love and, above all, the Peace of God.

Be only Love, choose only Love, and above all, the Peace of God.

Carol Zétola

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