Trusting Intuitive Feelings & Guidance

Written by Dylan Love, 2019

A parable of the importance of trusting intuitive feelings and guidance, which is non-linear!

One day I woke up with this intuitive craving and abstract feeling for the Navy, which made no sense at all to me, at first, viewing it from a linear perspective.

How could the Navy have anything to do with anything about awakening to Inner Peace? “Dismiss it,” said the intellectual mind.

Days went past and this strong feeling of “Navy” was still strong in awareness. Yet, today a friend wrote to me and asked how I was, explaining to them I was feeling this abstract feeling of the Navy and the open seas, and the conversation ended.

A week later, our friend wrote to me again. “I just want to thank you for mentioning the Navy last week. I have been falling back into addictions lately, like drugs, and had asked for something to help me out of it. My grandfather was in the Navy and you saying that inspired me to start exercising and following my inspiration, to shift in mindset out of the addictions, for him. Thank you.”

From a linear, intellectual perspective these intuitive nudges, guidance, and inner wisdom make absolutely no sense at all, but one is never under the obligation to know what anything means or what these nudges may lead to.

The form of what takes place is never the focus, but rather the joy of the moment and knowing within that comes from this experience. Nothing is under your conscious control. Yet, one is always in the right moment at the right time because you are Here, Present, as Presence.

Now is the moment to lay aside the mind’s running commentary and it’s doubt thoughts, fear thoughts, and anxious thoughts that seem to arise. Now is the moment to raise it to doubt to recognise the Peace of Being, which comes from seeing its illusory nature. Now is the moment to listen to your inner compass, this intuition! Now is the moment to follow the joy that Life is meant to be.

No thought, emotion, or perception has the power to disturb the unbreakable Peace within you, that is You! “The Peace that surpasses human understanding,” as stated by Jesus, is always available right now!

This moment is your safety, and you are completely safe in the not knowing and cluelessness of Being. Take my hand, and let us walk together in certainty.

Love you,

Dylan Aurelian Love


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