If You Spot It You Got It

Beloved: When teachings say, “What you see in the world is a reflection of yourself,” when I see someone as stupid does it mean that I am stupid?

Dylan: Thank you for asking. What you are beginning to touch on here is projection and the distinction between form verses content.

To use the perception you stated of seeing someone as stupid, it doesn’t mean that you are stupid, as the True Self or Being of unconditional Love that You truly Are is far beyond the judgement of stupid. What it does mean is that the box of what behaviours and actions are stupid and the box of what behaviours and actions aren’t stupid is in your mind. This box then gets projected out onto perception and is perceived as if someone is stupid or not stupid for doing certain behaviours.

It is not really that anyone is really doing anything stupid, because who said an action was stupid or not? You can begin to see that it is all past learning. In simple terms one often calls it conditioning. It is all learnt and remembered. Prior to learning what was deemed stupid or not, did the mind have any clue about what was stupid or what wasn’t? It didn’t, and all you need to do is to look upon the face of a baby. You see a beaming, happy for no earthly reason smile on that baby’s face. That is the natural expression prior to conditioning.

One can even use the teaching, “Unless you be reborn again,” that is quoted in books of Jesus’ teachings. Why was he always saying, “Unless you be reborn” and, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind”? He is pointing to renewing your mind because there is a lot of trash in the mind. There appears to be a lot of worldly conditioning which is all based on past learning, rather than present intuitive guidance, which reflects a stale experience of the world.

The level of mind is the foundation for effectual emotions and perceptions. The mind is where the conditioning seems to be. Rather than behaviour modification, the Experience of Inner Peace-the true Self-is a recognition, a seeming shift from ego misidentification to the True Self One always Is now.

The level of mind is the level of misidentification with the ego; seeming misidentification anyway, as if there really is an ego to misidentify with. This conditioning acts like a filter, or a darkened glass. Now, what happens if you are in a room of a house and you look out of glass that is green? Don’t see you seem to perceive a green world? The true questions is, if you are looking through glass that is green is the world really green, too?

Beloved: No, of course not.

Dylan: Right, exactly. Just because one may be looking through green glass does not make the world green. The same can be said for the misperception of “stupid people.” If you are looking through a darkened glass in your mind, to which the colour is judgement, are those you are seeming to look upon actually stupid?

Beloved: Through using that analogy, no. It is just the coloured glass.

Dylan: Yeah, the colouring of learnt boxes of what is stupid or not stupid is in the mind. The seeming judgement is in the mind. It is not really in the world. The cause and effect is instantaneous, the instant an unloving thought arises is when it is instantaneous misperceived in perception, if the mind has been forgotten. The world is just a reflection of one’s state of mind. As the Presence of Love reminds you, “If you spot it you got it.”

It is much easier to seem to project the judgement out onto a seeming other than it is to say, “Oops, my fault everyone, I take responsibility for the unloving thoughts and beliefs in my own mind.” By “taking responsibility” I’m not talking about the bashing yourself and calling yourself stupid type of responsibility, as that is still the ego, I’m talking about reeling what is seen in perception back to the level of mind to acknowledge that one can choose again to perceive in another way. That I have the ability to overlook the ego and it’s unloving thoughts and can instead perceive the innocence of all who you may look upon and experience the love, inner generosity, and gratitude.

No one ever did anything. It was all just a misperception, it was all just seen through a darkened glass. “Take the beam out of your own eye before pointing out the speck in your brothers’,” as Jesus pointed to. When you cleanse the darkened glass the glass is clear and pristine.

Yet, to cleanse the darkened glass one must apply the teachings or pointers, rather than intellectualize the tools given. It is often a lot easier to say, “I’m spiritual,” than it is to apply the practical application of forgiveness or self-inquiry and recognise the Spirit or experience of Peace that You already Are in truth.

Through getting clear on form and content and questioning the underlying thoughts and beliefs, that are often projected to the level of perception or the world, this is all an inroad into coming to question the false belief of separation, of the idea of multiplicity, or two or more. In opening to, is judgement actually possible in what is one? Don’t you need separation, don’t you need a “you” and a “me”—twoness—to even believe in judgement, that someone can be stupid or not?

In the experience that You, the true Self of unconditional Love, have never judged because the true Self is One—Whole and Complete as Itself—is when Divine Innocence, or the experience of Peace is left shining as It Is. Unconditional acceptance of all replaces the misperception of judgement and lack of Love/Peace, and Love is now the only Experience, as It Sees and Extends only Itself.