Life is Happening Now

Beloved Friend: Can you please comment on schooling, as I am currently feeling uninspired and do not have a sense of direction for my life?

Loving Reminder: Life is happening Now
Thank you for sharing what you are going through with me. The Love in Heart is always joyful to have these thoughts and emotions raised up into awareness.

One who has seemingly forgotten the true Self believes they need to learn something in order to obtain something else later. This is a defense against the true Self as what One Is Now. It can be otherwise described as carrot chasing: that one day I will have what I need to live life and finally “make it” and be happy. This is a defense against Presence because it places happiness in the future where it will never be found.

Thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future both stem from a false sense of self. This false sense of self is a denial of one’s very Being that is the Present Moment outside of time, or more, beyond the false ego thoughts about a past and a future which creates the illusion of linear time.

When the mind misidentifies with these past and future thoughts the resulting emotions of regret and anxiety seem to arise in awareness. This is then seemingly projected onto the world as, “oh no, I won’t have any money to pay the rent in a week,” or, “oh my gosh, I really wish I had said that when she said that to me.

All of a sudden, the mind is stuck in a loop of worry or regret, even though there is nothing really happening in the exuberance of this moment. As you read this now, you seem to be completely safe sitting on your furniture. Without these past or future thoughts one’s true Self and the qualities of Being which are sourced by this, such as consistent Peace, Happiness, and Love is the only thing present in awareness.

The one right use of judgement is how does one feel? If one is not living or feeling consistently happy, it is because one is compromising on happiness. One is compromising on the authenticity of one’s Being. How could unhappiness not be an appropriate response here? You get apples from apple tree, just as you get unhappiness from compromising on happiness. All unhappiness feels like death because one is essentially going against one’s true Self of happiness, which is indeed death or a feeling like it.

This compromise is the misidentification to the false ego-belief and its unloving thoughts arising within awareness, that are arising to be questioned and seen as false. Once suppressed and hidden in the unconscious.

School can feel uninspiring, because deep down it truly doesn’t represent the aliveness and spontaneity of one’s Being. Everything can be brought down to a question of purpose, and by this I mean, asking, “why or what am I doing this for? Is this coming from the inspiration and joy that is an extension of the true Self, or am I doing this because of some ego motive of fear of consequence?” A fear of consequence of ending out on the street if you don’t make a living and earn, strive, gain money.

Life is more than money. Life is more than food thoughts. Life is more than worries of what is going to happen tomorrow. If one is willing to do the inner work and go within to question these unloving thoughts and ego-belief, everything that you need to do this will be added onto you! Has it not been said, “seek first the Kingdom within and all else will be added onto you.”

As these future and past thoughts melt away, as these ideas of needing a job for money melt away, one begins to relax into the moment as if it were a safety net. One begins to follow present intuitive prompts that allow the mind, from moment-to-moment, to loosen from these old beliefs and concepts into greater states of joy. If a word is needed it will be given in the moment to bless and inspire. If an action is needed it will be given in the moment to bless and inspire. The moment becomes one’s safety, for Presence is one’s very Being and one’s Being is only right Now.

Practical experiences will be given to guide one into this recognition. Very little are thrown back into consistent Happiness when the mind is seemingly so misidentified with fear. These ideas are nothing new.

The true Self, which is One, is all Knowledge. All Knowledge is not bound by conformity, nor needs to learn to be What It Is. It has everything It needs right now in this moment. Begin to trust the inspirations and intuitive nudges, which knows what is best from moment-to-moment. Being the essence of Being, it guides one down the river and carries one into a constant experience of joy and trust in it, in one’s true Self. All learning rests on the past, which engenders fear because it is a defense against the true Self ever-present here right Now. Present trust always carries one, whether one thinks so or not.

Life looks after Life, and You Are Life!

The world cannot tell you who you are no more than it can judge a fish, a bear, and a giraffe on the same test of climbing a tree. Everyone is here to be authentic, which comes from trusting and following intuition. Who one is cannot be contained by any unloving thought of the world.

Thank you.