Services & Events

Discover the immediate and ever-present experience of peace
beyond the roller-coaster of emotions and inner turmoil,
that is available this very instant.

one-on-one Voice liberation
with Lilo Aurora

Join Lilo Aurora in liberating the Divine within through group or one-on-one voice liberations online!

Your voice can be a powerful tool to release inner blocks and emotions, to experience a deep joy and peace again and sing freely from the heart. 

one-on-one sessions
with dylan love

Life didn’t come with an instruction manual yet, joining with Dylan provides a hand to walk through what’s arising.

Deep dive with Dylan into the core thoughts and beliefs that are underneath the surface level upsets, in a non-judgemental environment.

experiencing inner peace
zoom talks with dylan

Join Dylan in online group Zoom talks diving into unwinding from conflict to realise one’s innate Being of Peace and Happiness.

Next Session: TBA

online movie gatherings
with dylan love

Join Dylan & Friends worldwide in online movie gatherings diving into different topics pointing to the one experience of Spiritual Awakening.

Next Session: TBA

What people are saying

“I was in quite a dark place when I reached out to you for a session with a reoccurring issue that had been happening for several years. At the start of the call I just poured out my heart and all my thoughts and feelings about the issue. You listened with such openness and love. Doing a Levels of Mind you expanded and explained the process and what was going on in the mind. Your explanation was so clear, simple and easy to understand that I had a real seeing into what I was doing and what the solution was. It helped me so much to let go of the upset and get my power back. Thank you, Dylan, for such clarity and love.”

— Nicole, Australia

“For a long time I was suffering and was afraid of almost everything. From the very first day Dylan has been there to share his heart and his reflections, which have helped me to see deeply within myself and process what I want and need to comprehend. Through poems and by loving unconditionally, Dylan’s reflections from the heart have helped me to remember how to see everything with the Spirit. Thank you, Dylan, because the messages that you share help me to be much more tranquil and see things differently.”

— Dani, Mexico