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As one brings one’s attention inwards, off of the world of perception, one gently mind-watches. Through mind watching one is able to gently observe the train of ego thoughts and see their falsity. It is here that a shift in perception occurs, from valuing a limiting thought and belief to recognising its lack of value and outgrowing it, a shift in identify from misidentifying with the ego to resting as the true Self You already Are and always have been.

A decision that is already made is just an acceptance. The seeming journey of Self-Realization or Inner Peace may been like a future goal yet, together, with the help of Inner Wisdom, the false projection of time is collapsed to reveal the ever-present nature of the Self or of Peace. Do you need to strive for a future goal if the glasses you were looking for are already on your head? Or does this realization entail just a simple acceptance: “Oh my golly gosh, the glasses were already on my head. Silly me for forgetting about them while I spent all day searching for them.” Dylan Love


Life didn’t come with an instruction manual yet, joining with Dylan one-on-one provides a hand to walk through what is being experienced. Deep dive with Dylan into the core thoughts and beliefs that are underneath the surface level upsets and conflicts experienced in the world.

These sessions provide an intimate opportunity to open to the simplicity of another way of seeing, and to connect with your Inner Wisdom.

Come exactly as you are and shift from the distractive problems, struggles and conflict of the ego to the ever-present clarity, wisdom of Heart, and Peace of Being—the Freedom of Your innate Presence.

Whether you feel called to express what is on your heart in an email or go in-depth in a one-on-one video call, Dylan welcomes you to reach out to him. Dylan offers a non-judgemental environment for deep clarity in experiencing peace of mind this instant:

Allow Dylan to hold the space in a one-on-one expression session

Go in-depth to see the core, limiting thoughts and beliefs underneath surface level upsets
with the Levels of Mind or 5-Step tools for clarity

Minimum payment for a 1 hour one-on-one session is NZ$40.00, with a maximum length of 1.5 hours for NZ$60.00. You are welcome to invest more if you feel the session is reflective of the value you have placed on the session.
Please reach out below to discuss appointment times or payment.

While Dylan can’t give anyone peace and fulfilment, he can point to tools that can be used to look at the mental conditions that one has set up against the experience of peace, and allow one’s inner wisdom and intuition to reveal everything else that has never not been there to accept and SHINE. This does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. You accept that One Silent Mind assumes no liability for any activities or actions taken in connection with or resulting from this website.

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