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These movie gatherings dive into many different topics, pointing to the one experience of unwinding from conflict and suffering to realise the innate Being of Peace, Love & Happiness.

Usually, movies often serve the purpose of entertainment or a means of distraction from the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that are arising in awareness during the day.

When you re-purpose things of the world to serve the one purpose of Awakening to consistent peace and happiness, movies become a great way to share visual illustrations that point to the realisation of the true Self or Peace.

Movies now become a great way to save time in regards to experiencing consistent peace and happiness. They can be used to notice any false, unloving thoughts and beliefs of the ego in mind, so that they can be seen as false without actually living out the experience.

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the shared purpose of moving through inner conflict and suffering,
to remember the innate peace that is available right now.

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Strengthen your relationship with your intuition or Inner Wisdom to raise up the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts for the experience of Joy and Peace
with “Last Christmas”

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