Everything Works Together For Good

written by Peiling

Peiling: I am sharing this story, that I experienced, with the intention to simply inspire or empower one’s Spirit and expressing the possibilities of another way of seeing.

It was perfect how everything was making space and unfolding for all that had occurred. One could say that all these are the making of the Universe’s Intelligence / Divine / God / Spirit / Life.

Within the past period of two weeks or so, I had experienced sickness of the body. Many symptoms showed up unexpectedly. There were times of struggle as the arising thoughts of the ego about the future surfaced, “What if this happens? What if that happens?

To see through the ego, I reassured myself that some of the things the ego mentioned about the future is not happening presently.

Through love and acceptance, I have learnt to embrace the way the body functions or doesn’t function and to see it as a new experience rather than judging it with past (or future) thoughts such as, “It was not like that before”, etc. All of these egoic identification with thoughts in mind would just amplify more suffering, distress and fear. It is not necessary to add another layer of suffering on top of the physical bodily symptoms.

Intuitively, I know that I am truly safe and protected through this period of time. Knowing this has given me the strength to be optimistic. No matter what the appearance of perception may seem to be appearing, I know that I am safe and protected. I also find that it is important and useful to have an optimistic mindset to ease through the discomfort of the bodily symptoms.

Besides that, there were times where I began to experience healings that took place. I felt love and healing while I was asleep. I was aware of it because I was half-awake in the middle of the night. It happened quite frequently. It was a beautiful and comforting experience. I also noticed that joy and love is already presently available in this moment for all, always, whether one is aware of it or not. This joy and love is not based on an outcome as it is already available here without any effort. Although, I remembered that I relaxed my heart and shoulder and surrendered deeper to this beautiful joy and love, which may seem like I was making an effort for it to happen but it is not so. Perhaps, one is used to being tense that the natural relaxation seems to be a form of doing.

There also seemed to be some of kind of spiritual awakening that occurred. One moment, I noticed that there is an Existence Here. Perhaps, a sense of ‘Hereness’ or ‘Existence’. Other times, I noticed that there is a Seeing. Before the body was sick, everything seems to be divinely unfolded with me being totally clueless. Now, I could see that it was like a preparation to make space for health-related experience.

One beautiful unfoldment was that I had an upcoming art class to attend and it was suddenly postponed to a later date. This period of time where the illness occured would have clashed with the previous appointed schedule. Since the class was postponed, I didn’t have to worry about not attending the class. All these happened without me taking any actions. How beautiful and perfect this is!

Another beautiful unfoldment was that I did an acrylic painting, titled as ‘Eternal Love’, with the intention to express the Eternal Love that one is, and I suddenly happened to place this artwork in my room because it seemed ‘off’ to be displayed in the living room. This artwork was something that I tended to look at while I went through recovery. As I am reflecting back in time, this artwork is a symbol of synchronicity relating to the spiritual awakening that occurred.

How going through an experience like this with the acceptance and Love of Presence can change the entire experience of something the world would call “bad”. Everything ended up all working out perfectly, yet the joy of the synchronicities can be misperceived if viewed with the ego.

So much Love,


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