Peace: A State of Innocence

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~ Socrates

It can be easy for one to get distracted by investment in the ego’s thoughts arising within awareness. When you notice any form of a lack of peace from small annoyances, upsets, perception of problems, or any variant of fear, this is an indication that one is giving validity to and is misidentifying with the ego and its unloving thoughts.

It is as if the sky were to believe it was solely the arising clouds within it instead of the vastness behind it. Keeping this metaphor in mind, it all comes down to this metaphorical identity and whether one desires to be right about a cloud identity, or see that cloud identity as untrue and remain as the ever-present, happy sky.

When the mind thinks it knows anything at all about something in perception, it will defend this point of view at all costs. How many arguments does one seem to get into over wanting to be right about how something happened in perception. All of the underpinnings of lack of peace is a decision to seemingly overlook the true Self as Peace, and then choose to shrink the vast, eternal Being that One Is to a temporal cloud passing through. The mind thinks it has to defend this false identity as the cloud.

In doing so, the mind meets the conditions for conflict which is at the cost of peace and happiness. Any slight unease is always an alert to see that one is misidentifying and desiring to be right about a false ego self-concept, instead of the true Self.

When this alert is noticed, one can instead pause and question this misidentification. Do you want to continue to be right which comes at the cost of peace, or do you want to be happy instead? In each moment you have a choice, until it is just an acceptance, about what you desire to experience. Do you desire peace or conflict? Is your desire to overlook the true Self to be right about an ego-identity, or to overlook the false ego-belief and its unloving thoughts and Rest as the Self?

Depending on how you feel, you can use this one right use of judgement to know whether or not you are choosing to be right or happy, choosing the ego or the true Self.

The first step in the decision for consistent peace is seeing that, if being right is a misidentification with a false sense of self, then being happy must be the undoing of this. This entails a raising to doubt of the validity of the misidentification to these thoughts and the ego-belief in mind. Essentially, this can be restated as the desire to be wrong, a re-opening of the mind to wonder where it claims not to know anything at all.

The Peace of Self, Innocence, and understanding are all synonymous. All are without opposite. Only the false sense of self is interested in being right. The true Self only waits, watches, and judges not. It has no desire to be right about self-concept opinions, preferences, or judgements about form. What is there to judge in Oneness? What preferences are there to choose between in Unity?

The second step for peace is to see that the mind is not at peace because the mind has chosen another goal. You have chosen conflict instead of peace, or to misidentify with a false sense of self rather than the true Self. The mind has decided that to be right about something of the world is more important than being at peace and being happy. Here you open up to seeing that the meaning or judgements about the situation were wrong because they did not bring you peace.

This is a stepping back and seeing that you are never upset for the reason you think, because you have given everything all the meaning it has for you. The mind was the one misidentifying with a seeming ego, which was assigning all the false meanings and wanting to be right about them. Nothing in perception has any causation, which is why taking 100% responsibility for your state of mind or for the mind’s seeming misidentification is important.

When the mind is misaligned with a false sense of self there can be a tendency to take responsibility for actions, and even project this responsibility onto others, which only creates guilt. Because what is done comes from what is thought, the responsibility is actually for your state of mind. It is only on the mind levelthe level of misidentificationwhere the mind can choose again for peace, choose again for the correction. Innocence is the only result here.

A child who looks around a dark room may think they see a monster, yet, once the light comes on, it is seen as just a jacket hanging on the wall. This is an example of how the mind assigns its own meaning onto something that is not there, and can want to be right about it. This can be applied to all upsets. The mind will project its own meaning in an attempt to be right about a false sense of self.

When you pull back these investments by turning on the light it is seen for what it really is, being all false thoughts that are stemming from a false sense of self. When the jacket is seen as a jacket or false thoughts seen as false thoughts, they fade into the nothingness in which they came from and the Self is left shining As It Is.

How joyous is the fact that seeing you were wrong is the same as seeing that you didn’t actually know. Experiencing the fact that you know you do not know anything at all, is what allows the mind to withdraw from all the fearful meanings that were assigned to everything. This is what allows you to say, “Huh, right now I am seeing a monster, but I must be perceiving wrong, and I am now open to seeing again.” This is what turns on the light.

In the light of innocence, the conditions of peace are met and comes flooding into awareness. Holding no opinions or judgements, one steps out of the driver’s seat. 

Peace of mind is no small gift, and you shall experience each moment in a miraculous way, unlike anything you have taught yourself before.

Remember to laugh, Loved One!

You are so loved!

❤ ❤ ❤

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—
the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

2 thoughts on “Peace: A State of Innocence

  1. Fabulous post Dylan, thank you. The Voice of Love always comes through you clearly. “The Force is strong in this One.”

    I really like how you synthesized numerous lessons, text, rules for decision, etc altogether in one summary. The wisdom of the Course never ceases to amaze – how holographic it is; how it all fits together so beautifully from countless angles.

    Peace of mind is no small gift indeed. Treasure. ✌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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