Rest Comes From Waking

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

Aware of the multitude of chitter-chatter arising in the mind, one can sit and watch, judging not. Watching just as the sky observes clouds passing by. The chitter-chatter of the mind and most resulting words are much to do about nothing.

The thoughts arising are but mist and the words spoken from this mist dissipate with the sun, meaning nothing. A substitute for Stillness. A substitute for the present moment. A desperate defense against the one thing the chitter-chatter fears the most: the stillness of Presence and the fountain of Love that is waiting to be accepted in this moment, if you were to see its falsity or illusory nature. The recognition of the true Self is here right now.

Resting as Presence, aware of all ego thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. Silently aware. They all walk up to the House and knock. Yet, the true Self remains unchanged throughout all these ego thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

What could all of these arisings be about? A light turns on. A realisation. The remembrance of Knowledge. One has only seemingly overlooked the true Self. Like the light from a flashlight it cannot be seen by itself, and then seemingly misidentifies with what it is aware of, with what the flashlight shines on which all can be seen as something separate from something else.

A desire to separate and claim a false, separate identity, to separate from the vastness and ever-flowing Love that is present this very moment.

“This need not be,” Self whispers.

This need not be! It was accepted and One recognised Itself as It is, resting as Itself. One doesn’t have to misidentify with a false sense of self. It can just as easily be overlooked, just as the Self can seemingly be overlooked for the false sense of self. The seeming amnesia of one’s true Self replaced with the acceptance of exuberant joy that this need not be!

Rest comes from waking. True rest in the true Self that never slept, that lets everything be as it is and judges not. Goals for separation laid aside, now at rest in the gentle and joyous flow that everything is.

Peace is inherent in the Self that One already Is. Rest as this. The thinking of the world is no more and is but seen as one and the sameillusion. Abiding quietly in Stillness as the Stillness of the present moment. Nothing but blankets of Love. The rivers have returned to the sea and one now joins with the Ocean. Two recognised as One having never appeared as two.

Remember to laugh, Loved One. I love you!

❤ ❤ ❤

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