The Impossibility of Judgement

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

Everything is expressing itself perfectly as it is in every moment because it is arising. Nothing could be any different than how it is appearing right now. Just as one listens to a song, dancing and singing to every note that is arising in perfection, so, too, can one witness the perfection of the unending moment.

Perfection comes with non-judgement. Love comes with non-judgement. Non-judgement means you see the sameness of everything, you, ultimately, see the oneness of everything making no differences where there is none.

Initially, the mind appears to misidentify with a false sense of self, and, therefore, claims to have judgemental thoughts. The unchanging true Self is seemingly shrunken down to these false ego thoughts that arise in mind, and this is where the misidentification comes in.

Through inquiry, one is able to begin to observe the ego with non-judgement, in which the falsity of the misidentification with the ego’s judgemental thoughts is realised. Realising that these thoughts were never mine, never part of the Self, yet, seemed to be experienced because of the misidentification with them. It is as if the sky thought it were solely the passing clouds.

When one seems to misidentify with this false sense of self and tries to place control and judgement onto anything of the world, it is essentially saying: 

“I, who see but through a keyhole, claim that I know the entire picture, therefore, what is best for all involved…
I, with my limited perceptions, know better than what is currently arising in its perfected state in each moment…
I, who know better than the movement of life, command the arrest of this perfect state of momentary arisings so I can mold it all into my limited image of how I want it to be.”

The arrogance of the ego can be clearly seen when put this way. Fear would be an appropriate effect from this distortion, as it is indeed fearful to try to make something into what it is not. Who One Is beyond the false sense of self does not have to worry about not judging, but through the above, joyfully recognise that it is impossible for one to judge anything.

Judgement must rest of duality, of two separate things. If the true Self is One Self what is there to judge between? Judgement must be the false experience of a false sense of selfan illusion.

Let’s say, as an example, that one has two children and one now has to choose to send one to hell eternally and the other to Heaven. Which would you choose to spend in hell? Now, this is not really a question at all, is it? Judgement is impossible here because both are worthy of love. One has deemed them worthy of love because one sees them as part of oneself. You see their oneness with you, and isn’t that what the experience of love is, experiencing the recognition of Oneness or unity.

One deems the children worthy of love and places no judgement on any of them. Not because they can, but because it is literally impossible to do so in Love or Oneness.

When one forgets about the true, One Self, taking on the misidentification with the ego, this false sense of self falsely projects onto God that some go to hell and some to Heaven, despite not even yourself being able to do something as such. You can see where the duality comes in again. The ego projects its false, dualistic opposites. “Well, it says, if there is Heaven then there must be an opposite to that. Ah, hell.” The mind that misidentifies with the ego fails to recognise that the experience of doing so is, indeed, hell itself.

The ego is the denial of the true Self, therefore, the mind misaligned with the ego is trying to go against itself. This is where all the apparent inner conflict seems to arise. This is Divine Logic. You can only get apples from apple trees. If you compromise on the true Self that is Happiness, the only result can be unhappiness.

I share with certainty that Love judges not, because Love sees only Love and expresses only Love. Source or God, being 100% pure, unconditional Love, has nothing to do with duality or opposites. The true Self, which is One with All, has nothing to judge, nothing to claim as a problem in any momentary arising, and nothing to condemn.

Judgement rests on separation or duality. By using this example, you can see that in recognition of the Oneness of Self, the impossibility of judgement is experienced without a doubt because the awareness of unconditional Love floods one’s awareness. Judgement only seemed to come from a false sense of self, the false ego-self, but what is false is only illusory in nature.

In recognising its falsity or illusory nature is when you recognise that you don’t even have to stop judging, but that you have never judged in the first place. You were never the ego, it never existed. This recognition entails the Being or Self that is the Self of non-judgement. There was only the illusion of judgement. Nothing from the illusion of this had any real effects. It is not the mind’s function to judge, for what is One cannot judge.

Relax into the ease of accepting the perfection of everything and everyOne, including your Self, As It truly Is and as it all arises. It all now becomes a dance to a giant Love song, with a problemless state of mind. There is nothing more to achieve. There are no more problems to solve. There is nothing more to attain or strive for. The Stillness of the Self is all that is present.

Remember to laugh, Loved One. I love you!

❤ ❤ ❤

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