On Being Authentic

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

Initially, in my experience, I noticed how much intuitive guidance and feelings were disregarded for the intellectual mind’s dictates of “should” and “have to.” Intuitive feelings or knowings play an important part in guiding one moment-to-moment to the experience of consistent joy. Yet, the intellectual mind—the ego—comes in with the compromising “shoulds” and “have tos,” and this where the inauthenticity of people-pleasing and self-sacrifice come into play.

If you bring the perception of needing to people-please and compromise to the level of mind, the level of thoughts and beliefs, you can begin to question why is it even important for me to do this? What is the purpose of people-pleasing? What am I so afraid about?

Through shifting one’s attention inwards from the world to the mind, to what is arising in mind, you can begin to see the false thoughts underneath the uncomfortable emotions saying, “You need to do this to be approved; you have to just sit here when you know you don’t want to because you will hurt their feelings; you need to compromise here so you have future security; you need to compromise here so this consequence in the future doesn’t happen.”

Through inquiring into and shining light on these thoughts you can begin to see that they always speak against the authenticity, happiness, peace, or love of your true Being, your inner compass. If you take it a step further you can also see, from shining a light on these false thoughts, that: “Oh wow, I seem to believe that I need the approval of some other to be happy. I believe if I don’t compromise I can lose something! I believe my happiness and peace depend upon a particular outcome or a perfect future condition,” where it is never actually found.

This inner inquiry, where you are just bringing the lack of peace back off of the perception back to the mind level, is just an inroad to allow you to recognise the root desire on the mind level—what you are desiring to experience in each moment. In any moment of lack of peace there is always a split desire in mind to misidentify with a false sense of self, and then act out its backwards motives for future peace and happiness.

This is the ego’s ploy, as long as it is valued, to distract one away from the Present Peace, Happiness and Love that is all here right now when one’s desire is singular for present peace. If one is fixated on being peaceful some time in the future, carrot-chasing something that will never come, then one has totally forgotten about the Peace and Fulfilment of Being that is here now as Who You already Are.

To the world, it seems like compromise is necessary to be approved, to be peaceful, to be happy, to have security of some kind or whatever it may be. Yet, through coming back to the root desire on the mind level you recognise if I approve of myself—accept the true Self I Am Now—I don’t need to compromise in any way to get what I already have given myself. If I allow myself to be peaceful, loving and happy right now then I no longer need to compromise in any way to get what I already have accepted and given myself.

You always have the option to pause and notice the ego’s motives of needing to be approved, to get something in return for something, and for some sort of future happiness or future peace—carrot chasing—with non-judgement and recognise its falsity. You realise that you don’t need to play these games anymore.

In recognising the falsity of the ego one rests back into the true Self that one has always been, yet have just seemed to overlook while you thought what you wanted or needed depended on a future outcome, a particular condition or situation, or getting more of something—more approval or more security in the world.

An example of a particular condition is, “I will be happy or peaceful when I have been approved by some other, when I have gained the security from some other,” rather than recognising that you can just desire peace and accept yourself without the need for compromise.

Everyone always has an inner guidance system of intuitive prompts, feeling, nudges, or inspirations which are always present. Intuitive guidance is always available moment-to-moment, yet, only useful if followed through on that guides one to the experience of consistent happiness and joy. This guidance helps shift the mind from the ego through being uncompromising in not heeding the small calls of the seeming ego in mind to self-sacrifice.

Any feeling of unhappiness is merely a signal that one is seemingly misidentified with the false ego and its unloving thoughts. The ego is a compromise on happiness and on intuitive guidance, and is simply arising to be questioned so it can be seen as false so that you may choose again for joy and happiness. There is always two ways to approach everything, through Love or fear, through compromise or inspiration. This is simple logic right here. If you compromise on happiness only unhappiness can be the logical result. If you compromise on Who You truly Are you will, indeed, feel unhappy because trying to be something you are not does feel like death.

The fear of judgement that seems to arise from stepping into the authenticity of Being is seen as nothing but another distraction or trick of the ego. It can only try and distract one away from the Present Peace and Joy that One Already Is. One doesn’t have to listen to it. It is not that anyone will actually judge you, as it is just the false sense of self placing its own false judgement on the world and judging itself.

The fear of judgement is really just the ego judging the world judging itself. When there is a misidentification with the false sense of self, its own fear of being judged seems to become ‘my fear.’ The mind takes on the false sense of responsibility for the ego. The true Self is beyond judgement entirely, beyond the ego.

Therefore, it is helpful to get real clear on purpose, which is on the mind level, between the ego and true Self. When one can discern between the ego and Self, what is false is joyously laid aside. As the ego is laid aside or overlooked, Who You Are is left shining As It Is in full Light.

You are never responsible for the false sense of self. You are always only responsible for the correction—recognising the ego’s falsity with the help of intuition and guidance of true Self.

Is the purpose going to be to desire to misidentify with a false sense of self—the ego—and act out its false motives, or is the purpose going to be to question and see the falsity of the ego, in which the Peace of Being and Authenticity of Being is left shining As It Is, available this very moment?

Resting as Presence is an exuberant experience. This is what allows you to extend the Being of exuberance that You Are. When you follow through on the authenticity of the moment, you stay in and as Joy and this Joy is shared and radiated to everyone and everything. This exuberance is how authenticity is expressed in everything that is thought, spoken and acted upon. This is what allows you to Self-Love by authenticity, which is the real virtue.

You are only authentic when you remain true to Who You Really Are, to your inner compass, to the intuitive guidance within. This intuitive guidance, that is your very Being, is ever-present and transcends past learning, transcends the ego or learnt conditioning. I reached a point where I was questioning why I wasn’t joyful. I had to get honest and look at where I was acting out of accord with my Self. Where I would act out of conditioning. Where I would be acting out of fear, which is the illusory ego, where I would compromise on Authenticity to be liked or get approval.

It wasn’t until I actually started non-compromising that I recognised that that is where the safety lies, that is where the joy lies, and that is where the integrity lies. Whenever I remained true to the intuitive feeling of the moment, the deeper and meaningful each encounter was experienced because the joy, the meaning, or the purpose behind the action was there. So it was recognised that authenticity was synonymous with being truly helpful for the whole. Capital ‘S’ Self-ful is lowercase ‘s’ self-less.

People-pleasing drops away as the joy and strength of authenticity, that is one’s Being, takes its place. You are here to express the authenticity that is the Movement of Life in a very real and alive way in each moment. The will to die—unhappiness and depression—comes from expressing the ego’s seeming dictates of “should” and “have to.” You are here to demonstrate the will to live by expressing the Being that You Are right now.

Let the seeming masks dissolve in the Light of exposing the self to the Self. This is a non-compromising decision that eradicates the need for one to claim to be who one is not. I stand by every Expression that radiates from the extension of the authenticity that is our one Being. You will recognise your Self and recognise everyone and everything as That.

Play, have fun and be like a child knowing you will always be taken care of with this. The mind will resist this idea at first, but this is okay. Remain gentle with oneself. It is all within, as YourSelf, yet, you have simply been conditioned to believe everything you need is external. You are the goal in which the world seeks.

Remember to laugh, Loved One. You are loved just as you are!

❤ ❤ ❤

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