Recognising Your Invulnerability

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Selfthe experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

Sweet Beloved,

Would you be willing to drop all psychological defenses if they were reinterpreted to be a defense against consistent Peace and the true Self; that all fear is really the fear of knowing you are loved and loving now as the true Self.

Would you gladly see that the fear of the future is really the fear of recognising that you are so unconditionally loved, 100% safe and supported right now and in every moment? Would you gladly see that all guilt is really the fear of recognising and extending your inherent Innocence, and how you are loved now? Would you gladly see that the fear of joining with others is really the fear of being vulnerable and recognising the unconditional Love that is there for all, towards all, right now?

Would these psychological defenses still hold value if you recognised they were defending what you really wanted now: the Joy, Happiness, Peace, and unconditional Love that is available right now as your true Self as Presence?

Who You Are, as the true Self, cannot be touched or harmed by any false ego thought, emotion, or perception that seems to arise within awareness. Just like the empty space in a room, as a symbolic metaphor, it cannot be touched or harmed by any of the contents of activity that seem to arise within it. What need does this space have to protect any area of itself in this recognition?

Take my hand and let the mind gently lower these unneeded defenses so that you may recognise your perfect safety. It is okay to laugh at every ounce of seriousness of the world. Remember to laugh, recognising that these false ideas of the false sense of self were all unreal appearances that needed one to remember not to laugh to have any sense of an effect.

One is forever safe. Nothing can touch one here, for what remnant of fear can enter into the unconditional Love? What a joy it is recognising that invulnerability is inherent in recognising the true Being underneath the false ego-self. Through your decision for Love, the mind’s singular desire for Self, you recognise the true Self, out of which your invulnerability is sourced.

In the gentle seeing that mind is the only causative level, you recognise that there are no causes in the world or perception that have the power to disturb your consistent peace of mind. Perception was only an effect, only a mirror of what is looked upon within, and the ego was the false cause of suffering. If a premise is false, everything that results from that premise must also be false.

In overlooking the ego on the level of mind you gracefully overlook all of its false effects. In this instant, you experience that nothing can affect your peace of mind, that nothing can touch the Self. You were only ever reacting to the false ego thoughts that crossed the mind. Perception was only the canvas in which the mind painted using these thoughts.

This is a cause for joy! If one is only ever reacting and responding to one’s state of mind, which is always under one’s direction, then the target of the ego’s projection is always wholly innocent and worthy of love. No one never did anything wrong, or right, for that matter!

Who would react at all to the images on the movie theatre screen when it’s recognised that you, who is like the screen in which the images appear on, are never touched by any of the projected images or events on the screen. Let the images on the cinema screen be as loving or as hateful as they may, in your power of decision, as a stepping-stone, you can accept the Love and Innocence of the true Self beyond the images.

The Peace that You Are is never disturbed.

Such is the joy of recognising no-one never did anything to anything. Everyone really loves each other very much, even if it is not entirely seen in awareness. The true Self is One, and Oneness is Love. All sense of an other, and of another choice to choose between, was but a dream to be awoken from.

The seeming problem and seeming solution to one’s experience has always resided with one’s Self.

Remember to laugh, Beloved. I love you!

❤ ❤ ❤

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