Staying With What’s True: True Empathy

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

This heart is really just a symbol of what you are, and what you will eventually teach without exception! ~ Dylan Love

The world is a cover and distraction over the awareness of one’s true Self of pure Love. Everything about this world is designed so that you seek your fulfillment, happiness, peace, and love where you will never find it. Thus, you now feel out of accord with yourself because everything is designed so that intuition and the authenticity of one’s Being takes the back seat.

As one starts to awaken, many disillusionments seem to be experienced. What you once thought to be true is seen as not so, as the floor seems to be pulled out in shifting your attention from the level of perception, the world, to the level of mind, the thoughts and beliefs in mind, where Sight is experienced.

As one’s attention is brought inwards to mind-watching, observing all of the thoughts and beliefs that arise in mind, one goes through a period of sorting out the mental garbage. This is a discernment between what is ego, the false sense of self, and what is the true Self. You can often tell the difference very easily through the way you feel.

This is a leading into, after sorting the false from the true, disregarding the false altogether. Through the recognition of the unreality or illusory nature of the false sense of self that one seems to be misidentified with, in mind, what is true is left shining As It Is as Light.

Initially, this can take vigilance as you are shown what is false and what is true, in awareness, where the false can be recognised as false and only the true as true. Sight, or seeing the true as true and only the true as true, requires the recognition of the true Self. The Self sees truly because It is an Extension of Perfect Sight, and, therefore, is Perfect Sight. By definition, there are no areas of unreality or illusion part of it.

The true Self does not mistake anything that is of the false sense of self as one’s Reality, as all aspects of the false sense of self is illusion! Having no cause it is correctly perceived as unreal.

The unloving thoughts of the separated self have no cause and nothing of real value. Using the analogy of a nighttime dream, the dream figures that were once seen as real are now seen as part of the dream. The dreamer now experiences itself as being the dreamer of the dream, the mind in which the apparent dream is being projected. Correctly seen, the dream is a temporary place of exile while the mind that dreams it is perfectly safe at home.

There is no cause for guilt, fear, revenge, anger, sadness, sickness and death now because nothing that happens in the dream has happened in reality, and once woken from is experienced as never really haven taken place.

True Empathy requires going through the seeming darkness, the seeming unhealed parts of mind, to the Light of the true Self that is always ever-present. As you realise and experience the Self You already Are, you go from sorting the false from the true to entirely overlooking what is not real. You see only what is real. Love is forever real and Love simply extends and looks upon Love, seeing nothing else. This makes Love unconditional.

Any time fear is experienced it is certain that the dreamer is out of accord with itself because it is seeing what is not real as real. The dreamer must be forgetting that it is dreaming, and, now, misperceiving the dream as real and having real consequences and reacting to it.

While the dreamer forgets it is dreaming the mind requires the questioning of all concepts and unquestioned thoughts in the mind, that onset this seeming amnesia, so that the false ego-belief and its false thoughts can be seen as false. When the false is seen as false, what is real must prevail. The dreamer must be the dreamer of the dream, the mind in which it is taking place, where the dreamer is unaffected by any part of the dream.

In Mind Awake, there is no reaction to something that never happened. One must awaken to sinlessness before awakening to the pure Love of Oneness behind the dream entirely. Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, herein lies the Peace of God.

❤ ❤ ❤

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