Trusting What Is: Divine Providence

This blog was written as a stepping-stone pointing to the recognition of one’s true Self—the experience of Inner Peace beyond intellectual understanding!

In the world it can be quite common to go with the motions without really stopping to ask, “What is it for? What is the purpose of what is being done?” It can initially be helpful to pause and ask, is this being done out of the inspiration, joy and love that is of the true Self, or is this being done out of the fear and control that arises from a misidentification with a false sense of self?

As an example, you can inquire into this by asking what is the purpose of education? To gain credentials for a career. What is the purpose of a career? To make money and attain long-lasting employment. What is the purpose of money and long-lasting employment? To pay the bills and provide more opportunities to do more things. What is the purpose of these? To have a home and money to do things. What is the purpose of having a home and money? So you can have security and freedom.

When inquired into you can see that it is the belief that your security and freedom comes from the world and of the body that is driving these actions. You can also see the underlying fear of a future consequence of ending out on the street, or that you are not provided for by Life if you stopped, which is running as an underlying filter of fear, control and concern in all actions.

As you begin to inquire into the purpose of everything you seem to do, you can get to the core of why you are doing things. It can be easily seen if you are following the ego’s purpose of fear, lack, or control or the true Self‘s purpose of intuitive inspiration, complete joy and peace by the way we feel. 

While one seems to overlook the true Self to misidentify with a false sense of self, one perceives oneself as a separate self that is fearful and lacking. One perceives all of its perceived needs or solutions as being outside in the world of perception. In this misidentification with the ego, one appears to side with the ego’s purpose of security and freedom, which is to meet the need externally through jobs out of the fear of survival and future consequences of ending on the street.

Just like fingers on a hand, unquestioned beliefs act as a seeming cover over the palm where one believes it is a finger, separated from the entirety of the hand and all of the other fingers. It forgets that it is connected to the entirety of the hand itself, and thinks it now has to provide for itself. Using this analogy, it is clearly seen as a misperception.

Through inquiry—raising these beliefs and thoughts and the misidentification with them to doubt—along with following intuition, this is all designed to bring one back to where the real choice is: the stepping-stone decision between the true Self or the misidentification with the ego.

Just like when you’re watching a movie the problem is never on the screen, it is what is being believed and interpreted about the screen that is the problem. You can say, “Don’t turn left!” to the movie actor but it won’t do anything, as you have no control over the movie that has already been shot, edited, and put on film.

While one believes one is an ego, the quiet inner Voice of intuition—the essence of Being—will always practically work with the mind to unwind it from the misidentification with unquestioned thoughts and concepts. This is an unwinding from banging on the movie screen to get it to change, to seeing it is the interpretations and judgements about the movie that is the problem.

By seeing that it is how you are watching the movie that is the problem, this provides a seeming effective solution to a seeming problem. You now have a choice of how you want to watch the movie. This occurs by a change of purpose in mind, by questioning the validity of the seeming ego and the seeming misidentification with it, which seems to cover over the awareness of Divine Providence or True Abundance. Yet, it is all just a seeming or metaphor, as the Self never had to awaken from a false sense of self.

It is an opening to see that it is not money that is the problem, but the false thoughts and beliefs that are held about money that is where the fearful emotions and perceptions are coming into play. Only by returning to where the cause of the problem is can you bring about a true perceptual change. By placing the solution outside you believe yourself to be a helpless victim with no real solution.

The consistent Peace, Happiness, and Love that You already Are is always available now. It is not dependent on circumstances or gaining more of anything in the world, which places What You already Are into a future goal. Why would you strive for what you already have and are?

All fear is falsely experienced by overlooking the true Self and misidentifying with a false sense of self, along with its unloving thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. By raising to doubt the validity of this seeming misidentification, which often appears as, “I won’t be provided for. I will lose my house. I won’t have money to eat or pay rent,” you recognise that these thoughts are only an effect of the misidentification with a false sense of self. That is the only problem.

The ego reasons, “You weren’t provided for in the past and will end up on the street in the future.” Using an imagined past and future to skip over the Present Peace of the Present Moment, the ego falsely counsels the mind that the future will be unlike the present.

In observing these thoughts in non-judgement they are seen as false. It is recognised that these thoughts were never ours, and you did not have to misidentify with them as if they were. The seeming problem is seen as already solved as these thoughts are illusory in nature, as they arise and disappear having no cause, and, therefore, never existed.

The false ego-belief in mind can be re-seen as just a distraction away from Present Peace and Happiness. These unreal thoughts, always based on a hypothetical past and future, was the seeming trick of the ego to keep one in fear so that one didn’t realise the falsity of it all, and then relax into the consistent peace that is sourced in the recognition of one’s true Self here right now.

The personal responsibility of being ‘the provider, the doer,’ is also included in the identity of the false self. Life is Provider. Life is Supply. You, being Life Itself, will always be provided for and supported and this will be shown in perception as symbols showing up in synchronistic ways that could not have been planned for.

In this shift of purpose, being the striving for security in the world to questioning the misidentification with a false sense of self, every need that one perceives to have will be met to support one in this purpose. In the light of inquiry, fear is replaced with Love and the mind relaxes into the perfection of the moment because everything is perfect now!

It is here that it is recognised and experienced that there are actually no needs. For the desire to add more, get more of something, manifest more, or change something in the world was all part of the false scheme of the false sense of self for future Peace or future Enlightenment; a denial of What You Already Are Now.

Divine Providence or one’s Natural Abundance is a current state of Being. A total Knowing that everything is perfect as it is right now and that nothing could be any different than how it is right now, in which all fear and grievances were but the belief that something could be different than how it is now.

One is free to extend the childlike gleefulness that comes from the recognition that everything is provided when it is needed, from moment-to-moment. A spontaneous and intuitive life like the birds, animals, trees, and flowers which do not work but are perfectly provided for. This is what it is all about!

Everyone is here to recognise the one, true, loving Self as Life, as Divine Providence, which is now! Rejoice that the past and future never played a part, and it was only unquestioned thoughts and beliefs which blocked the awareness of this.

The unquestioned sense of ‘a doer,’ the false sense of separation from Self, from Life, from the Hand which thought it needed to personally do something to provide was nothing but a dream to be woken from. Let yourself be happily carried down the stream. 

Remember to laugh, Loved One. You are Divine Providence Itself!


2 thoughts on “Trusting What Is: Divine Providence

  1. Thank you, Dylan! You are Life and I am Life! This matches the realizations that I have been experiencing about being part of Life and taken care of now. That my “past hurts” and “future fears” are just hypotheticals from this now moment, and when I feel them I realize it’s just my addiction to hypothetical thinking and I can let that go. Being in this oneness with life I feel taken care of and ready to let all things go as they are just excuses to believe in something other than life taking care of me. Even writing this out I feel is life moving through me. Just like it moved(s) through you to write this blog. Life is Wonderful! Life is Amazing! Life is Giving! God is but Life, and therefore so am I! Much love to you my brother.

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  2. Beautifully said . Words such as this pop the balloon of the egos buffoonery ! Thank you for the symbols of symbols that open the heart to its truth
    Remembering to laugh ,
    Grace Avalon – Author, THANK GOD IM CRAZY

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